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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities


QA Issues

  • Tracy
    • will get on track with verifying fixes as they land (next nightly)
    • focus will remain on 1.9.1 branch 'til final release.

Status updates

  • sdwilsh
    • bug 483980 - Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category (ready to land!)
  • mak
    • working on blockers (see above for status)
    • done reviews
    • bug 483980 - Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category. Looking into this, fixed leaks and a possible Places bug.
    • bug 493538 - Crash in [@ nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal(mozIStorageStatement*, int)]. Most likely blocker.
    • bug 392193 - first run migration / import from ie, opera and safari browser can be slow, migration should use "run in batch". Landed with awesome numbers.
    • bug 488966 - Add a last_visit_date column with an index to moz_places. Need to prepare unbitrot patch for 1.9.1.

  • adw
    • Bookmarks initialization is not fault tolerant bug 478912 - First-pass review by Marco, need to address his comments.
    • Async query containers bug 490714
      • Been working on this, will post new WIP.
      • Will blog about it, include a tryserver build so people can try it out.
      • Need to file a Storage bug about locale-aware SQL collation.
  • ddahl
    • bug 492379 Downgrade script nearly finshed, needs more attention!
    • Worked with Alice on setting up generated places sqlite dbs - ran into a snag with the Python build on the server.
    • Working with Vlad on "startup timeline" bug 480735 timing all startup code to improve ts.
    • Linux Firefox icon - may have to drop all for this (for a short burst) as the window for this patch is short - according to faaborg. bug 495250


  • MDC
    • the migration guide needs history api and dynamic container examples. (dietrich)
    • the design documents linked from MDC need to be written. can probably cull from the old design overview docs.
    • Documentation non-existent:
      • dynamic containers (MaK77)
        • will do as soon as they are working properly


  • bug 489173 Issue with size of places.sqlite and Google Toolbar