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  • History and Bookmarks are currently running on the Places back-end
  • The annotation service is currently enabled
  • Livemarks and Microsummaries are both using the Places back-end services

Ongoing work:

  • The tracking bug for Places in Firefox 3: bug 374945


The primary objectives of this project are to:

   * Improve access to History and Bookmarks
   * Make it easier for people to Bookmark pages 

Secondary objectives include:

   * Consolidating user data formats
   * Providing a platform for using interesting per-URL metadata
   * Improving the capabilities of Live Bookmarks
   * Providing a solid architecture for bookmark sync and remote storage 


Describe the motivation behind the feature here.

Use Cases

  • sync
  • tagging
  • ease bookmark and history extension development


PRD # Title Priority Type Bug # Owner Notes
PLCS-001a Provide platform support to enable syncing of Places datamodel objects to a remote server P1 FR 374518 This is just an event model and not the network infrastructure/sync layer, just the platform hooks.
PLCS-001b Build a sync client on this new infrastructure P2 FR 374519
PLCS-001c Provide platform support to support generic annotations P1 FR bug 374943 New area for extension authors to explore. We aren't going to be able to implement everything for Places ourselves.
PLCS-001d Ensure that Places includes a usable and robust API for extensibility P1 NFR 374520
PLCS-002a Unified user interface that improves the usability and discoverability of features P1 NFR 374521 details
PLCS-002b Parity with Firefox 2 Bookmarks/History UI P1 FR 355737
PLCS-002c Provide some UI that allows users to mark a URI as "interesting" P2 FR 374522
PLCS-002d Provide some UI that allows users to annotate a URI with tags P2 FR 374524
PLCS-002e Provide some UI that allows users to annotate a URI with free-form notes P3 FR 374525
PLCS-003a Protection and safeguarding against data loss P1 FR 374526
PLCS-003b Bookmark data is never lost between browsing sessions P1 NFR 374527
PLCS-003c Provide backup and restore functionality for bookmarks P1 FR 374528
PLCS-003d Make it easy for users to export their bookmarks for use in another application P2 FR 374529
PLCS-004a Index web page content into a DB that can be queried P2 FR 342913
PLCS-004b Allows users to search on all available URI metadata P2 FR 374530
PLCS-004c Support SQL queries of the bookmarks database in the Error Console P3 FR 374531
PLCS-005a Improve performance (as measured by memory use, transactional speed and Ts) of bookmark and history storage and retrieval operations P1 NFR 374532


Only P1s are currently listed here.

Target Milestone Feature Notes
A1 Platform support for annotations Done
A5 Places Bookmarks on by default Bookmarks turned on 5/18/07
A5 UI Parity with Fx2 Done (with a few minor exceptions
A5 Protection and safeguarding against data loss Done
A5 Bookmark data is never lost Done
A5 Backup and restore for all Places data Done
B1 Platform support for sync
B1 Unified Places Organizer
B1 Improve performance
Ongoing Platform API for extensibility

Design & Implementation

for the front-end,
for the back-end.

API Changes

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Global Audience



  • list a11y bugs here

Discussion & Implications

Caveats / What We've Tried Before

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