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NOTE: Much of this is obsolete. The work ahead is well-detailed in the Firefox 3 PRD and the Places Feature Plan.

Scratch pad of tasks in no particular order (last updated 02/27/07).


  • Meet with Axel, figure out optimal localization strategy bug 371926
  • Fill out Fx3 For Developers section for Places.
  • Meet with FUEL team to talk about platform/API for extension developers. Invite Todd from foxmarks, brettw and google folks, Patrick and yahoo folks.

Trunk-no-places work:

  • [all] add "[non-places-regression]" to status whiteboard of all regressions that appears on the trunk after we disabled places. bug list
  • [sspitzer] fix trunk regressions caused by disabling places, query status whiteboard for "non-places-regression"
  • [dietrich sspitzer] review patch from Myk (see Myk's patch in bug #355651) and finish backporting non-places changes to trunk (only covers mozilla/browser/components/bookmarks/)
  • [dietrich sspitzer] review other MOZ_PLACES parts of the tree to look for things that may have fallen through the cracks. also in bug #355651.


  • History
    • Need to list regressions from History-on-Places here
  • Bookmarks (meta-bug)
    • [all] implement Firefox 2.0 "Organize Bookmarks" dialog on top of the Places backend (bugs?)
    • [all] implement keywords in places (see bugs #329281 and #318817 for starters)
    • list any bookmarks sidebar Fx2 parity bugs here
    • "Add Bookmark" UI (#357316)

Performance / Testing:

  • [dmills] figure out what the right history sizes should be benchmarking. (for both places vs non-places). figure out how to get apples-to-apples history.dat and bookmarks_history.sqlite for tinderbox, regression testing, and performance testing purposes.
  • [dmills] get new tinderboxes set up for both trunk with places and no-places with same history.dat and bookmarks_history.sqlite
  • [dmills] fix Tp (page load) test to work a profile with history, so that regressions to places that affect link coloring and startup show up on Tinderbox.
  • [dmills] fix Ts (startup) tests to work with a profile with both places and non-places history
  • Unit tests
    • Have some basic coverage for all, but need to get full API coverage for history, bookmarks and annotations.

API / Data Model / Architecture:

  • See Places:BookmarksComments for discussion of these issues
  • [dietrich] review Todd's suggestions about the data model
  • [dietrich] Move from bookmarks URI-as-singleton model to unique identification of bookmarks #360133
  • [dietrich] publish and discuss APIs with google, yahoo, extension authors (Todd from foxmarks, etc)

Synchronization / Remote Bookmarks:

  • [dietrich] Develop Fx3 line-item template for this feature, and point this list to the bugs generated from it.
  • [dietrich] determine the architectural changes required to support sync
    • See Places:BookmarksComments for discussion of these issues
    • globally unique identifiers for all items (bookmark, folder, separators, etc) #360134
    • support change detection for all items (either revision numbers or date-based)
    • "tombstoning" of deleted items
  • some requirements
    • APIs to allow for integration with things like "Clobber" (aka Google Browser Sync)
    • APIs to allow for integration with social bookmarking sites, like (see the add on)


  • Blocking on Fx3 feature discussions


  • Rob Sayre is doing some work on livemarks in Places.
  • Fx3 feature discussions should determine what action is required


  • Talk to Myk about microsummaries and places
  • Like Livemarks, figure out if microsummary update should update lastupdate, creating date, or neither

See also the Bug List and the Places bugs by milestone, owner