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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.7

  • Beta tomorrow
  • On-track for release next Wednesday

Firefox 3.0.8

  • Code freeze March 17


  • Code freeze for Gecko this Friday (just a few blockers left)

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

  • Important Dates:
    • Code freeze was missed on January 25th, 11:59pm PST
    • QA Start on ??, 9:00am PST
    • Release on ??, noon PST

Blocker Report

Since 1.9.1 branch ... 2009-02-24-blocker-report.png

Past 2 weeks ... 2009-02-24-blocker-report-detail.png

[ Platform Blocker Queries | Front End Blocker Queries ]

Firefox 3.1 Update

  • Polish update: Firefox is 38% shiny (0% over last week, fixed and added both increased)


GFX 1.9.1 Update

  • Bug status:
    • 4 blocking 1.9.1+
    • 2 bug fix followups to imglib changes, both with patches
    • 1 libpng upgrade (with patch)
    • 1 Security
    • 0 nom
  • Focus:
    • Finishing remaining blockers
    • Continuing performance work on desktop and mobile
    • Cairo upgrade (lots of new stuff, we're behind)
    • Font work, including getting CoreText in

Layout 1.9.1 Update

  • Layout
    • 5 blockers
    • Current work: multiple backgrounds (dbaron), frame constructor (bzbarsky), Cleartype ink issues (jkew), CSS gradients (ventnor)
    • Phantom popup command firing fixed (hopefully)
  • SVG
    • 2 blockers
  • Video/Audio
    • 12 blockers
    • Major items remaining: A/V sync (doublec), block cache (roc), new load algorithm (cpearce), other spec updates, codec code audit issues
  • 7 untriaged noms
  • TSF landed, will be enabled soon

Content 1.9.1 Update

  • 23 blockers
    • Two P1 blockers, bug 479143 and bug 479490, JS timeout related crash regressions. bent and smaug are finalizing this.
    • There are 12 bugs that need landing (including the P1s). They've got all the needed reviews, and most if not all are ready to go. -- Not sure if this is good or bad, will go through and make sure we're going ahead and landing and closing bugs that are actually fixed.
    • Smaug has a patch up for event suppression during sync XHR loads (bug 333198), waiting for review from bz and jst
    • There's two networking bugs that will need biesi review. He's been pinged more than once, so may need to look for alternatives here.
    • 7 blocker bugs without patch.

JS 1.9.1

Mobile 1.9.1 Update

General 1.9.1 Updates


Security Reviews

Still outstanding / to be scheduled

  • native JSON
  • DNS prefetching

Booked but not yet completed


Greener tinderbox

  • clint to set up 3 machines (one for each platform) and run it for a week to log random-oranges; clint will also compare VM to native to see if there are problems caused by that
    • clint to file bugs to get machines set up
    • clint to talk to alice about her experience

Getting crash stacks from unit tests

  • ted checked in breakpad clients into the tree and has build system uploading symbols to the ftp servers
  • sayrer is going to make a python hook in the event of the crash

Move from VS8 -> VS9? (joduinn)

  • New requirement from mobile for VS9
  • Can we move mozilla-central/mozilla1.9.1/tracemonkey to use VS9 also? Code dependencies? Schedule?
    • may will need to recreate the jemalloc code patches, see bug 416117 (vlad)
    • please do not switch compilers on the active 3.0.x branch (dveditz)
    • should run performance numbers to see if things change (dbaron)
    • see if we can figure out how to make the slave pick the compiler based on the source tree