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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.15 / Firefox 3.5.4

  • both releases headed to beta today (second time for 3.5.4)
  • please work on your blockers for 3.0.16 and 3.5.5

Firefox 3.6b1

  • due to lack of Windows 7 testers, we missed bug 522416 which was causing ACID3 hangs and crashiness on that platform; took a while to fix
  • new builds are available
  • currently going through QA, to be released late this week/early next week

Blocker Report

See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

(Progress reports every weekend on Planet Firefox)

  • see our active projects and get involved / propose others
  • Namoroka/mozilla-1.9.2 front end development:
  • Axel asked about strings left to land
    • already at string freeze, anything else is considered an exception
    • axel says we can make limited string changes until this Friday, October 23rd
    • beltzner to follow up in dev-planning today
  • Juan from QA expressed concern about two issues
    • windows7 tab previews aren't working great
      • blockers on file, we might have to pull it out
    • tegra OS builds are slow
      • being resolved with a new OS image from NVIDIA

GFX Update

  • 0 beta blockers; 4 1.9.2 blockers.
    • The only one that worries me is the NVIDIA Windows CE image corruption bug, bug 500200, which we have not been able to make progress on, and for which we suspect a driver bug.
  • Bas has made a lot of progress on the DirectWrite font backend for Windows 7. There are lots of screenshots in bug 517642. There's still a ways to go before this will be ready for prime time, but we're getting great results.
  • Jim has been having trouble reproducing a drag-and-drop cursor flickering problem on Windows. If you have seen cursor flickering, please weigh in on bug 521966.
  • The WebGL standard has been submitted to the Khronos board for intellectual property considerations. This will be a 45-day process, after which the spec will be released for public review.

Layout Update

  • Blocker report
    • 14 Layout
      • 2 fixed on trunk and need landing
      • Some others need review
      • A handful of background-image invalidation/repaint issues
      • Need triage, but nothing scary on the list
      • Silverlight 3 doesn't work, Microsoft unresponsive in Bugzilla
    • 1 Video/audio, fixed on trunk and needs branch landing
  • Frame poisoning mitigated a newly discovered bug (yay)
  • Ongoing animation improvements, can animate 'opacity' now (dholbert)
  • New Ogg index code based on Ogg Skeleton track (cpearce)
  • Ogg decoder rewrite grinding through tests (doublec)
  • Removed media element "load" event and NETWORK_LOADING state on trunk and branch
  • Discuss changing CSS gradient syntax for 1.9.2
  • jdaggett and jfkthame prepping for AtypI

Content Update

  • 24 1.9.1 blockers left.
  • Investigating how much and where to focus on websocket/HyBi protocol spec work (Jason and Jonas)
  • (josh) We have an accepted spec for Linux plugin accessibility and Novell is working on a patch for 1.9.3. Works with out-of-process plugins.
  • Ben Newman to start working on JPW (cross process JS object wrappers)
  • Multi-file select patch done, but needs testing before ready (Jonas)
  • HTML5 parser update (hsivonen)
    • Off-the-main-thread move in patch queue
    • Speculative parsing in the queue
    • Patches for dealing with odd document.writes and nsIParser::Terminate() in queue. (These fix a bunch of already-reported problems.)
    • Other smaller bugs that have been waiting for the above being fixed.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • (josh) Still waiting on sqlite library conflict resolution (bug 513747) so we can produce 64-bit Mac OS X builds without patches and set up a tinderbox. This also blocks running mochitests on 10.6.
  • (smichaud) 1.9.2/JEP update -- old bugs fixed, new bugs found:
    • bug 513979 (Disable Java setting not preserved when switching from FF 3.5 to 3.6):
      • Fixed and landed, in beta1.
    • bug 521818 (Current plugin instance not destroyed when disabling Java):
      • Fixed and landed, not in beta1.
    • bug 522962 (Applet needs to be reloaded after switching to/from full screen mode):
      • Needs to be fixed in JEP, probably not a blocker.
    • bug 523129 (Java's AppletContext.showDocument() doesn't work on 1.9.2 branch):
      • Patch available, blocker.


  • Continuing allocation performance improvements
  • recursive function changes
  • identified major source of browser/shell perf delta: wrappers / security checks. About 15% on SunSpider.

Startup Performance

Remeasuring 3.5 cold startup on WinXP is giving roller-coaster numbers, ups and downs in the >20% range between builds with changes that are seemingly innocuous. Focus this week is on figuring out how to get stable numbers there.

At all ranges in the graph, the 3.5 WinXP cold startup numbers are all showing a regression in 3.6/3.7... again. I'll re-open that bug and work on figuring out a regression range. However, this is blocked on getting reliable numbers out of 3.5, see above.

Highlights from the weekly update post:

  • Ben Hsieh’s work to improve fastload cache invalidation landed in bug 511761, with a 3% win on warm startup of WinXP.
  • Alfred Kayser landed bug 511754, which improves JAR file reading efficiency.
  • Rob Strong closed bug 521956 and started some cleanup of nsUpdateService, further reducing the size of it for bug 311965.
  • Drew has a patch up for bug 506814, getting rid of ChangeGetPersistentDescriptor/SetPersistentDescriptor on Mac, needs review Josh.

Join us on IRC in #startup.


Lightweight themes security review today at 12:30 (PDT).

Other pending reviews

feature review date who interested
Windows TSF integration (1.9.2) unscheduled Jim Chen, roc
DNS Prefetching unscheduled Patrick McManus Jesse, bz, reed(?), ctalbert
New system metrics (and media queries) unscheduled  ? dbaron


  • Plugins:
    • working towards getting stuff landed in mozilla-central, preffed off. See bug 523094 for dependencies.
    • Windowless impl work continues, basic Windows support has been reviewed, needs to land.
    • NPRuntime basically complete, some edge cases to clean up but nothing that renders it inoperable.
  • Tabs
    • Focusing on getting a Fennec demo working.
    • Smaug has been dealing with focus and embedding issues which should make keyboard events work properly.
    • bsmedberg working on removing assumptions about browsers having docshells
    • Probably need to remote some basic events such as MozAfterPaint in order for the Fennec tilebrowser to work correctly
  • Necko
    • close to having our full set of necko xpcshell unit tests running in content process--researching failures/hangs.

Tree Management

  • Cold Ts on Mac and Linux turned on last week
  • Turned on 'make check' tests on optimized and debug builds on trunk and project branches.
  • Turned on valgrind tests on debug builds on linux tracemonkey
  • 7 new mac slaves added to build/test pool today, 2 xserves + 1 mini coming soon
  • Proposing to land split-mochitests on Thursday morning.