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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • code freeze January 19th
  • there are 17 blockers remaining for
    • owners are: smaug, dbaron, ddahl, dholbert, Enn, honzab, igor, jimm, jst, mrbkap (x5), roc, surkov, wtc
  • there are 31 blockers remaining for
    • owners are: smaug, dbaron, ddahl, dholbert, dolske, Enn, gal (x2), honzab, igor, jimm, joe, jst, kaie, matsp, mrbkap (x8), rs, roc, surkov, wtc and 3 unassigned (XPConnect, 2xDOM)
  • release Feb 16th

SeaMonkey 2.0.2/2.0.3

  • 2.0.2 with Gecko and a mail freeze fix released yesterday
  • 2.0.3 planned in sync with Firefox 3.5.8

Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

  • available last Friday, announced yesterday
  • reviewing blocker nominations daily

Firefox Future Releases

  • discuss now or roundtable, your choice!

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6 RC Code Completion

All Blockers (includes website, release management, etc)
See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

GFX Update

Layout Update

  • No 1.9.2 issues
  • Windowed plugins inside CSS transforms are not being displayed, intentionally
  • Landed changes to move scrolling out of views (use nsIScrollableFrame for everything)
  • Landed some rework of font backends, ongoing work to split font backends into gfx*FontList, gfx*Shaper, gfx*Font (rendering)
  • Image layers taking shape, will be used by video. Next steps:
    • accelerated YUV conversion and scaling when using D3D and OpenGL layers (which we should enable for fullscreen video)
    • off-main-thread video rendering?
    • bc-cat texture streaming and YUV conversion for N900
    • integrating DSP decoder with swizzling for video on N900 with no CPU touch of the video data
  • Need to really focus on view manager integration/widget removal next/now, we'll need it for Fennec+layers as well as Jetpack and other chrome-over-content features
  • Mozilla people at FOMS/LCA conferences this week and next

Content Update

  • peterv is making good progress on speeding up unwrapping in quickstubs.
  • Jason starting to spread out the workload on electrolysis networking work.
  • OOPP work moving forward towards enabling it by default.
  • Ben Newman has tests in the works for CPOWs.
  • Jonas is working on tests for our atom table in preparation for landing the UTF8 to UTF16 changes for the atom table.
  • Work on crashkill bugs ongoing.
  • HTML5 parser update (hsivonen).

Platform-specific Support Update


  • ES5 changes landing, more blogging
  • Interpreter rearchitecture underway
  • WebGL typed arrays landed

Startup Performance


  • Cross-domain data theft using CSS (bug 524223): the "complicated heuristic" is implemented but not landed anywhere. Waiting for dbaron / drivers.


  • Starting weekly meetings, 1PM (PT) Wednesdays
  • Hopefully will turn on OOPP by default tomorrow or Thursday
    • Need Talos downtime 14-Jan (morning or evening?)
  • Beta1 code-complete tentatively scheduled for next week, but we probably won't quite hit that

Tree Management

  • Adding delay to continuous building of FF3.0. Details in bug 539105
  • Talos Rebasing (continued)
    • new hardware arrived, unboxed
    • xp image being installed
    • ubuntu changing to fedora32, fedora64
    • WinVista changing to Win7
  • Splitting up 'everythingelse'. Read post in dev-tree-management if interested.
  • Downtime on Thursday (14th) bug 539135


  • XULRunner branch release plan: We release XR on 3 branches. How long do we keep releasing a branch?
  • Firebug at beta 9, have 3 smallish bugs to fix, hope to have beta / RC tomorrow (wednesday)
  • 2010 Releases
    • Firefox 3.7
    • "Lorentz"
    • Firefox 4.0
  • Blocklist bug 538302 before 3.6 release? (sicking)