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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • code freeze January 19th <-- boy, that's a while ago, isn't it?
  • there are 15 blockers remaining for
    • bz, ddahl, dholbert, jmathies, mrbkap (x9), roc, wtc (so, johnath?)
  • there are 11 blockers remaining for
    • joe, kaie (x2, so johnath?), mats, mrbkap (x3), rs, roc, surkov, wtc (so, johnath?)
  • release scheduled for Feb 16th

Firefox 3.6

  • released last Thursday at 9:30am PST
  • built off Gecko 1.9.2

Firefox for Maemo 1.0 RC3

  • coming this week
  • will be built off Gecko

Firefox 3.6.2

  • will be built off Gecko
  • potentially skipping the version number of Firefox 3.6.1 in order to stay in sync with platform
  • hoping for small, mid-February release, co-inciding with Firefox 3.0.18/3.5.8

Gecko 1.9.3a1

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

Holy crap, we shipped 3.6 and it is awesome! Let's do new, awesome things!

Among the upcoming awesome stuff you may want to keep an eye on:

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GFX Update

  • Pixman update landed on mozilla-central, and gave us a win on Tsvg, bu most importantly it gave us a whole lot of code churn, and therefore a new set of bugs. Please test!
  • Cairo update work is ongoing. (This will allow us to use the cairo GL backend.)
  • The Cairo side of the Direct2D patch has landed. Font, widget, etc work is still undergoing review.
  • Core Animation patch (bug 497225) is undergoing review. It has some deficiencies that we hope are fixable, but might not be. There also seems to be no way to retrieve, and therefore test, its output (confirmed by an Apple employee).

Layout Update

  • Plans laid for adaptive streaming at FOMS
  • Landed syncbase timing for SVG animation

Content Update

  • CPOWs still awaiting review (bent, feel free to steal SR from bsmedberg). Exception support in a followup bug. Coordinated with cjones to support automatic run-to-completion semantics.
  • More people on board with e10s necko work
  • Starting to help out with triaging for trunk alpha.
  • Complete wrapperization ready for review.
  • Talos now fixed so its pageset works with HTML5 parser builds.
  • Main HTML5 parser mochitest failure reason identified.

Platform-specific Support Update


Startup Performance


Estimated win Bug # Summary Owner Status Notes
>10% bug 512584 Super fast paths for Components.classes and Components.interfaces Taras Glek in progress Taras is traveling, says he'll close it out when he returns.
>10% bug 525013 Investigate a more static build configuration of Firefox Joel Reymont in progress Joel has a patch up for review by Ted, and posted to dev.platform. PDF charts of results: Mac, Linux.
up to 25% bug 514083 Per-file HFS+ compression on Mac OSX 10.6 Joel Reymont in progress Joel's starting to work on this.
TBD bug 520309 Startup cache: replacement for fastload cache Ben Hsieh in progress Multiple-references likely not needed, final patch for the original approach is in progress.
TBD bug 503483 Turn on --enable-faststart for Firefox by default Dietrich in progress Got a patch up that gets it working manually on Win7. Need changes to installer and updater before we can get it into nightly tester's hands. Need more measurements on overall cost.
TBD bug 513149 Speed up CSS parsing by using a machine generated lexer Zack Weinberg Zack's blocked on other work No update.Taras says about 6% of startup spent parsing CSS.




  • Last known blockers to on-by-default should land today, hopefully on-by-default for tomorrow's nightly (bsmedberg will blog today)
  • small set of additional blockers for beta, plus actually doing the backport. The tree is now live and working

Fennec-related work:

  • async global history (Fred)
  • networking (bsmedberg owes jduell a review)
  • event handling (smaug)


  • DWARF Linux support landed.
  • DWARF CFI parser written, tests.
  • Remaining work:
    • Unit tests for DWARF-CFI-to-Breakpad-STACK-CFI adapter. This is a small component; tests should be done today.
    • Various cleanups. No big stuff: Google C++ Style guide compliance points, etc.
    • Getting Google to review the patches. (Some of them are big.)

Tree Management

Will evaluate results after a week or two.

  • Started move of n810s to faraday cage. bug 538523


  • a brief word on blocking flags (beltzner)
  • alpha builds could be delayed due to 3.0.18 / 3.5.8 / 3.6.2 releases
  • Firebug point release next week
    • Firefox bug uploading with XHR with Firebug net panel and spy active, bug 542120
  • See the dev.planning thread about post 3.6 CrashKill efforts. Don't be surprised if I (damons) tap you on the shoulder to chase down a crash. We'll be pushing fixes to crashes out as fast as we can.