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Notices / Schedule

Gecko 1.9.3a1

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End

Behold, a mere sampling of the mighty awesome that the Firefox team hath wrought:


  • UI for crashed, out-of-process plugins basically done bug 538910


See the active projects page for the complete list of active work by the Firefox team.

GFX Update

  • Several projects are still ongoing:
    • Cairo update & merge
    • Direct2D/DirectWrite patch reviews and updates
    • Windows out-of-process plugins work - there's one large outstanding issue that Jim is working on.
    • Core Animation plugin support attempts - three independent attempts to support them, each with their own issues. Benoit is still working.
    • Fennelectrolysis shared memory work hopes to wrap up this week.

For more, see our weekly meeting page.

Layout Update

  • Found Windows "exit code 1" orange. Need to keep working on orange bugs. How do we get people working on them?
  • Fullscreen API proposed in WHATWG mailing list; please investigate. email thread starts here and here

Content Update

  • Landed HTML5 pushState (Justin Lebar, Jonas)
  • Worked on branch back porting (mrbkap, jst)
  • Atom table patches ready and up for review (Jonas)
  • Attended the Velocity summit. Feedback collected at Performance:Velocity2010 (Jonas)
  • Investigating what we need from electrolysis to do our security notifications right, for the lock icon etc (Honza)
  • Got large parts of content process event handling done, tests included (smaug)
  • HTML5 parser related about:blank work, and mochitest investigation (hsivonen)
  • CPOWs are getting easier and easier to use (bnewman)

Platform-specific Support Update


  • nanojit work winding down for the moment
  • new baseline compiler starting up


  • Plugins
    • Windows hangs edge cases still bedeviling: jimm on it (today?)
    • Two most obvious crashes dealt with today (bug 542248, bug 543376
    • One more topcrash diagnosed, perhaps dealt with today bug 542263
    • UI needs to land
    • status for 1.9.3a still ambiguous: either off-by-default or manipulate prefs so that only flash and silverlight are on by default
  • Fennec
    • Benedict starting on webprogresslistener
    • smaug has event listeners almost ready, might need CPOW
    • benjamn has CPOWs, need review... can somebody other than bsmedberg review this?
    • romaxa working on Qt
    • joe, memory-mapped drawing?
  • Jetpack
    • jdm working on multi-process jetpack with CPOW support

Startup Performance



Estimated win Bug # Summary Owner Status Notes
~8% bug 525013 Investigate a more static build configuration of Firefox Joel Reymont in progress The main body of work is in the patch now, waiting on review from Ted. Joel's working various build-related cleanup, with the help of Brad Lassey and Ben Smedberg. Experiment Windows tryserver build available here.
up to 25% bug 514083 Per-file HFS+ compression on Mac OSX 10.6 Joel Reymont in progress Apple developers on the darwin list recommended pre-compressing our builds, or not compressing at all. There are issues with code-signing and the update process. This is getting more complicated.
10% bug 520309 Startup cache: replacement for fastload cache Ben Hsieh in progress Ben's got a patch working now, and showing ~10% improvement in startup time. AWESOME.
60% bug 503483 Turn on --enable-faststart for Firefox by default Dietrich dodgy I got it working on Win7, and unsurprisingly, loading Firefox's core at user-login time meant that the first load of the app was very fast. However, Rob Strong brought up a bunch of problems on multi-user systems that might block turning this on by default. In the short term, we'll likely just enable some mechanism for testers to try it out.
TBD bug 513149 Speed up CSS parsing Zack Weinberg in progress Zack has a series of small patches. Some help, most hurt (see chart). Work ongoing.
>10% bug 512584 Super fast paths for Components.classes and Components.interfaces Taras Glek in progress Taras is traveling, says he'll close it out when he returns.




  • DWARF CFI support submitted to Google for review. 6 of 12 patches approved; waiting for review on others.
  • .eh_frame support bug 543542
    • .eh_frame is a minor variant of DWARF CFI that the Linux C++ implementation uses to walk the stack to find exception handlers. Since it effectively provides the same stack-walking information as DWARF CFI, the toolchain omits DWARF CFI if the object file has .eh_frame data. Expecting to submit patches to Google for review today or tomorrow.
  • DWARF debugging information: contributors showing up to extend functionality.

Tree Management

  • switching from rev2 to rev3 talos hardware
    • when is the best time?



other highlights

  • refresh released
  • 1.5.1 scheduled for next week