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Notices / Schedule

Mozilla Central Developer Preview (1.9.3 Alpha 2)

  • Please avoid landing large/scary patches on mozilla-central until after this milestone is reached. The critical path for the milestone is:
    • bug 532208 - make browser->plugin streams unidirectional
    • bug 545734 - hide the iframe used to submit plugin crash reports
    • bug 547894 - topcrash with DivX passing null to a string function
    • bug 544074 - topcrash at PluginModuleChild::UnregisterActorForNPObject
    • bug 545195 - mysterious topcrash at shutdown

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End


  • Tab Matches in Awesomebar now only awaiting super-review bug 480350
  • Neil's work reducing work spent to set up toolbars on startup landed (bug 354048), props to Dao for much reviewing there.
  • New theme implementation has begun, see Stephen Horlander's note to DAF.

See the active projects page for the complete list of active work by the Firefox team, or subscribe to planet firefox to watch the blogs roll by.

GFX Update

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Layers plan on the whiteboard:
    • Basic infrastructure (roc) (done)
    • Video rendering (roc) (done)
    • D3D backend (close) (Bas) (see demo)
    • OpenGL backend (Bas)
    • Content/chrome integration (roc/tnikkel)
    • Speeding up native theme rendering to accelerated targets (Windows plan worked out)
    • Render plugins using layers on Fennec (dougt?)
    • Retaining layers across paints (including scrolling) (roc)
    • Cross-process layer rendering (joe)
    • At this point we should be able to do a great Fennec and desktop release
    • WebGL acceleration (jeff)
    • Render plugins on Mac using layers (benwa)
    • Render plugins on Windows using layers
    • Off-main-thread layer rendering with animations and video playback
    • Render CSS transforms using layers
    • Add support for CSS 3D transforms using layers
    • Support for CSS transitions animated using layers
    • Accelerate SVG filter rendering using layers

Layout Update

  • Chris Double posted about YUV-conversion routines, comparing various implementations. Chrome's looks good, we'll probably use it.

Content Update

  • Content Process Event Handlers landed, and starting to work on integrating with CPOW's (smaug)
  • HTML5 parser now gets through Mochitest runs with some tests disable w/o timing out (hsivonen)
  • HTML5 parser tp4 regression identified, plan on hand to fix (hsivonen)
  • Fixed a long standing leak proneness bug with window.close() (bnewman)

Note: bz will soon be out for a couple of weeks, if you need something from him before then, talk to him ASAP.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • Gecko 1.9.3 will be Mac OS X 10.5+ (final decision)


  • Furious hacking taking place on method-based JIT (dmandelin, jseward, lw, dvander)
  • ES5 update (Waldo)
  • Threading and GC changes (jorendorff, igor, gwagner)
  • breakpad for ARM (jimb)
  • continuing perf wins in nanojit (nnethercote)


Startup Performance




  • DWARF CFI patches still under review by Google
  • .eh_frame support submitted, waiting for review.
  • Linux symbol dumper done; Mac symbol dumper in progress.
  • ARM Linux (Maemo, Android) dumper being finished up by Google; stackwalker done, waiting for review.
  • x86_64 (Mac, Linux) stackwalker written, needs more tests. Linux dumper ok; Mac dumper needs bug filed.
  • Will be updating M-C Breakpad, with the above patches, to shake out the new code.

Tree Management

  • talos switchover; turning off rev2 machines, bringing on more rev3 machines bug 537065
  • new physical builders bug 545136
    • 25 win32 builders: half in production yesterday, rest in staging or dead
    • 25 linux builders: grub corruption issues, still debugging
  • cycling through Linux 64 slaves to add puppet to them. bug 505232
  • followup on 10.4:
    • continue to run 10.4 on mozilla-1.9.0, mozilla-1.9.1, mozilla-1.9.2, lorentz, try
    • drop from other project branches


  • need to find an owner for mysterious new trunk topcrash bug 545195
    • may be related to DLL blocklisting, although not sure
    • comes and goes daily/hourly, but when it's around it's the #1 trunk topcrash by a big factor
  • firebot noise in IRC. probably time to avoid giving the status changes of each tinderbox tree. it's anti-social.
  • Limi is looking for someone to help with [resources packages] which should help speed up web page load time. Being tracked in bug 529208, but needs a module owner to help shepherd it. Who'd that be?