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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • went to beta last week
  • scheduled to be released tomorrow
  • Firefox 3.0.18: 30 fixes
    • about 45,000 ADUs on beta channel
  • Firefox 3.5.8: 84 fixes
    • about 300,000 ADUs on beta channel

Firefox 3.6.2

Firefox 3.0.19 / Firefox 3.5.9

Mozilla Developer Preview of Gecko 1.9.3 alpha 1

Blocker Report

Browser / Front End



  • Tab Matches in Awesomebar going through yet more reviews bug 480350
  • Extension Manager redesign (see meeting notes) underway, will start on a project branch for now

See the active projects page for the complete list of active work by the Firefox team, or subscribe to planet firefox to watch the blogs roll by.

GFX Update

  • Cairo update is still ongoing. Running into some very tough-to-diagnose, and subtle, bugs (that show up in our reftests). Track it in bug 542605.
  • QCMS (colour management in Firefox) enhancements are starting up. We want to support different colour profiles, and to do that, we need to support real 3D LUTs and good interpolation inside that LUT. Read more in bug 509710.

Hardware Acceleration Update

  • Layers work bug layers
    • D3D10 and OpenGL work, mostly for hardware-accelerated video (YUV->RGB), is ongoing.
  • Direct2D reviews and changes-from-reviews are also ongoing. ETA: (Bas?) bug 527707
  • Currently waiting on Apple's developer support for help with implementation of the Core Animation plugin API. If you know lots about Core Animation, please get in touch with Joe, Jeff, Josh, or Benoit.

Layout Update

  • Will land patch shortly to enable "transparent" attribute for XUL iframes (bug 532569); could be back-ported
  • bug 130078 proto-patches up
    • Browser mostly works, tests pass on Mac (!)
    • Working on Windows/Linux test failures in dependent bugs
    • Needs detailed performance microbenchmarking
    • Zooming needs to be fixed
    • Accessibility needs to be fixed
  • Ogg decoder rework partially blocked by httpd.js issues

Items of non-general interest:

  • Changing style system from tracking language-group to tracking language (jfkthame)
  • Comparing YUV SSE codes; AMD's looks fastest, but it's Apache licensed

Content Update

  • WebSockets progressing through review (smaug)
  • CPOW and e10s content event handling being reviewed (mrbkap, jst)
  • Doing some spring cleaning in form submission code as part of the FormData work (sicking)
  • HTTP over IPC changes landed in the e10s tree! (jduell)
  • Cranking through more of the test failures and perf improvements with the HTML5 parser enabled (hsivonen)
  • [Josh] Steven Michaud is now working on porting JEP to NPAPI full-time. We're also expecting a progress update on JavaPlugin2 from Apple soon, in the form of another beta release. We are not sure which plugin will be our officially supported Java plugin for Gecko 1.9.3 on Mac OS X yet. In the long run we want to go with JavaPlugin2 so that we don't have to ship our own Java plugin.
  • [Josh] The plugin-futures mailing list has transitioned to public archives. Membership is no longer required in order to read NPAPI specification discussions. The plugin-futures wiki is also public and contains specifications for all new NPAPI extensions. Membership approval is still required in order to contribute on the mailing list.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • [Josh] There have been some questions about the status of 64-bit Mac OS X builds. They work really well already, it is the native build type on Mac OS X 10.6 and no patches/tweaks are required in order to build. We are setting up build machines for 64-bit Mac OS X and working on getting nightly builds published. See bug 519060 about build support.



  • Tracking a small set of bugs for an alpha with OOPP enabled, bug 545893
    • Topcrash data is being worked through pretty quickly. Record and replay is awesome.
  • Fennec with shared memory tilebrowsing patch is posted, waiting for review. bug 524180.
  • Debugging of the windowless flash going full-screen problem is ongoing (bug 539658).
  • Debugging of rpc reentrancy bug, bug 545149, has started.

Startup Performance



  • Blog post about how we can avoid regressions from security bugs
    • Automated testing of extensions
      • Jesse to follow up with Clint Talbert and Bob Clary and Ted (bug 532445)
    • Other automated testing ideas
    • Drop XUL and XBL for web content (bug 546857, bug 546856)
      • Jesse to follow up with Sicking and Chofmann
    • Drop enablePrivilege (bug 546848)
      • Sicking has ideas about how we're replacing it (for testing, for intranet developers).
  • Almost all security-sensitive bugs have been given Security severity ratings.
    • This means the sg:critical list, for example, is more accurate than it has been in a long time.
    • Please make sure sg:critical bugs in your component have owners, and that these bugs don't stay stuck.
      • Damon is going to lead this effort. Yay!
    • The few remaining untriaged have been poked.
  • Fix for the TLS Renegotiation bug landed on trunk for testing
    • Mostly pref'd off, otherwise the SSL internet will break, but that means still vulnerable to attacks on initial negotiation
    • Will not renegotiate except with a patched server -- SSL client-auth broken on unpatched servers
    • see Security:Renegotiation for prefs to make test builds stricter or less strict


Tree Management

  • Approximately half of our new hardware machines running in staging late last week. Hopefully move into production this week. bug 545136
    • Nightly linux builds in 22 minutes
    • Nightly win32 builds in an hour
    • more machines still being racked
  • still tracking down some intermittent errors with rev3 talos machines
    • will power off rev2 talos machines once these are fixed
    • linux32, linux64 knocked offline over weekend by accident
    • 10.5, winxp, win7 looking good
    • 10.6 coming soon after


  • (beltzner) Feature Roadmaps
    • Shaver and I have been talking about "Feature Roadmaps" which identify the various milestones for a "Feature" (UI, Toolkit or Platform) which is destined for inclusion in Firefox. We've taken a stab at drafting what these might look like: Firefox Default Theme Roadmap, Stub Installer Roadmap
    • note that these were written by him and me as examples :)
    • will be blogging more this week about how we hope to use these to get better estimates about what feature work will be able to land in which timeframe for what releases
  • sheriff today