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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.13 and 3.5.16

  • Created build #2 today, with a fix for bug 614565
  • Still plan to release on December 9th

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Blocker report for Firefox 4.0.beta8 (as of 2010-11-30 11:03:00.963342-08:00)


      blocking: 188
         fixed: 164
          open:  24

Open Blocker Assignees

   Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon]:   6 ++++++
                  Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap):   2 ++
              Michael Morgan [:morgamic]:   2 ++
                        Andreas Gal :gal:   2 ++
    Nobody; OK to take it and work on it:   2 ++
          Josh Aas (Mozilla Corporation):   1 +
              english-us@evangelism.bugs:   1 +
                      Axel Hecht [:Pike]:   1 +
                         Jason Orendorff:   1 +
                  Chris Leary [:cdleary]:   1 +
                  Ehsan Akhgari [:ehsan]:   1 +
                        Myk Melez [:myk]:   1 +
                   Jason Duell (:jduell):   1 +
                         general@js.bugs:   1 +
                 Wesley Johnston (:wesj):   1 +

Firefox Development

(from our goals):


  • [ON TRACK] API-Complete Jetpack
    • Joint with Jetpack team
    • Currently working towards feature-complete beta SDK
  • [ON TRACK] Stand up basic Firefox with Electrolysis

Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Ensure that Firefox 4 ships with a compatible version of Firebug
  • [NEW] Publish a roadmap for integrated developer tools in Firefox, including console, inspection, and js debugging
  • [NEW] Develop long term plan for Skywriter maintenance/support


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [DONE] Javascript performance near or even with Chrome 5 on their benchmarks (within 20% on SS, 30% on V8), with substantial wins on our benchmarks. (Windows, in-browser.)
  • [DONE] Hardware acceleration of video and other HTML and SVG content, as well as user interface, on by default for compatible hardware on all Tier-1 desktop and mobile platforms.
  • [DONE] Fully support the WebGL 1.0 spec, with support turned on by default in a Firefox 4 beta on platforms that support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
  • [MISSED] security: zero reproducible high/crit > 30 days
  • [DONE] Support multi-process Fennec.
  • [DONE] Support Jetpacks running in separate processes and never blocking the Fennec UI. NOTE: jetpack team hasn't actually integrated this code yet, but it works in small test environments.


  • 123 betaN, final, and Fennec blockers
  • OpenGL composited layers on Fennec update (jrmuizel)
    • Sort of usable now, patches need to be finished before they can land though.
    • Performance work still to be done.


  • Blocker count slowly dropping, now 108
    • Many bug fixes in hand
  • Lots of editor/contenteditable fixes have landed (ehsan)
    • Google Docs features that were disabled for Firefox (spreadsheet formula syntax highlighting) will be enabled for Firefox 4

Tree Management


  • Infallible malloc (added to agenda by Jesse)
    • We talked about this for 10 minutes but decided it need its own meeting, Platform/InfallibleMalloc. Notes have been moved to that meeting's page.
  • Crash Update
    • Crashes on trunk down considerably - ~5/100 active users.
    • In pretty good shape for Beta8
    • Any stability risks in remaining beta8 blockers we should be aware of?
  • Don't forget to file bugs when you see problems in nightlies.