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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4

  • we have fixed 90 hard blockers since the last code freeze
  • there are 70 hard blockers remaining marked betaN+ which require beta coverage
    • identify to-be-completed work requiring more than 3 days of nightly coverage, and mark those [risky]
    • need to identify 1 front end (johnath?) and 1 platform (damons/sayrer?) representative who can help make a call about what content must be in upcoming beta(s) and provide ETAs, have that person co-ordinate with Christian/Beltzner for schedule
  • beta10 proposal: code freeze this Friday to get coverage on 90+ hard blockers fixed since b9
    • need to identify other work required for that freeze (see stability report, below!)
    • need to identify if there is [risky] work that should wait until after code freeze so it has proper nightly soaking time

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17

  • Blocker code freeze is tonight
  • Making the "scary" advertised update for 3.0 users live today

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17

Firefox Development


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [MISSED] Finish Firefox 4 blockers.
  • [DONE] Support Firefox Team to stand up a browser on Electrolysis.
  • [MISSED] Ship Firefox 4 final with layers composition accelerated using:
    • OpenGL on Mac OS X;
      • This is turned on by default for all supported hardware, and there were few blocking bugs by the end of the year.
    • Direct3D on Windows.
      • This is turned on by default for all supported hardware, and there were few blocking bugs by the end of the year.
  • [MISSED] Ship Firefox 4 final with content accelerated using Direct2D on Windows Vista/7.
      • This is turned on by default for all supported hardware, and there were few blocking bugs by the end of the year.
  • [MISSED] Ship Firefox 4 final with better Opentype font feature support using Harfbuzz on all tier-1 platforms, and text rendering performance equal to or better than Firefox 3.6.
    • We landed Linux Harfbuzz support before the end of the year, and there are no known text rendering regressions.
  • [MISSED] Ship Firefox 4 final with full WebGL 1.0 support turned on by default on all platforms that support OpenGL.
    • We missed this goal because our WebGL implementation didn't pass all parts of the WebGL testsuite, which is required for "full WebGL 1.0 support." However, it is turned on by default for all supported hardware.
  • [DONE] Integrate Opentype santizer library
  • [MISSED] Play back video on Fennec without blocking on main content thread
  • [DONE] Integrate codec ARM optimizations
  • [MISSED] Ship indexedDB - indexedDB is done and landed, has been for some time. Minor bugfixing ongoing, but nothing beyond the norm.
  • [MISSED] Ship HTML5 parser - Done, just didn't have anything to ship it in.
  • [MISSED] Ship HTML5 forms (current set) - Done, just didn't have anything to ship it in.
  • [MISSED] Ship GC compartments work - Done (though some bugfixing and GC work remains), just didn't have anything to ship it in.
  • [MISSED] Proof of concept implementation of a proxy based DOM binding - Plan in place, but no work done here yet.
  • [MISSED] 30% performance improvment on the Cal_* tests in Zimbra
  • [DONE] Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 Sunspider perfomance

Improved over 30%.

  • [DONE] Performance 15% improved over Oct 1 v8 performance

Improved over 30%.

  • [MISSED] Continuous ARMv7 Android and Maemo JS Shell regression and performance testing in place

Have much better ARM testing than we used to, but not quit the JS shell regression tests we were hoping for.

  • [MISSED] Drive blocker list to zero. [This was a super-stretch goal]
  • [DONE] Develop implementation plan for OOP content accessibility. [Note it may change once we ramp up again post-FF4]
  • [DONE] Fix and ship multi-process plugins on Mac
  • [MISSED] Fix and ship asynchronous plugin painting on all plaforms
  • [DONE] Fix and ship content processes on Fennec


  • Downloaded graphics blacklist bug 625160 is in review, will land this week.
  • People who experience the following hardblocker bugs, please contact Joe or Bas:
    • bug 603134 - OS X only - Firefox/Minefield doesn't render any content in new windows until you move the window. This can also manifest itself as random parts of the window refreshing at inconsistent times.
      • This is a Mac OS X bug. We're trying to work out what hardware is affected by it.
      • Please contact joe on irc or if you see this.
    • bug 603793 - Windows only - Menus disappearing, often on submenu mouse over.
      • We can't reproduce this and don't know anyone directly who does.
      • If you can reproduce this, contact Bas on irc, or


  • 17 hardblockers, 37 softblockers. (9 betaN blockers.) Disappointing that the total count hasn't gone down over the last week. But we're making progress on the hard issues ... the scary stuff is being fixed or at least understood.


Content component hardblocker list at 25 (content team list down from 22 to 14 since last week).

Tree Management

  • colo outage Friday night
    • caused by AC failure in MPT. More details after IT do post-mortem with vendor
    • tree closure for almost 5 hours - from Friday 8pm PST - Sat 0:45am PST
    • if you still see weirdness (like the double builds problem), please file bug in Engineering.

Stability Report

  • Beta9
    • Around 2.45 crashes per ADU for ~1 million beta users.
    • Similar to beta8 levels.
  • Trunk
    • Many regressions on the trunk.
    • Triage with crash team today and identify blockers.