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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 4

  • Beta 10
    • Built Beta 10 build #1 on Friday
    • Big thanks to QA for working over the weekend to qualify the build
    • Pushing to beta audience today, barring unforeseen issues
  • Beta 11
    • Build is tentatively planned for this Friday
    • Need to decide on a contigency plan if all betaN blockers are not finished by then
      • Build anyway and have another beta?
      • Push beta 11 back a week allowing for all betaN blockers to get in?
      • Other creative plans?

Firefox 3.6.14 and 3.5.17

  • Built build #1 on Friday
  • Thanks everyone for getting blockers / fixes in
  • Plan to go to beta tomorrow (assuming we get a QA signoff for that)

Firefox 3.6.15 and 3.5.18

  • Schedule TBD, will send around in a week or so

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox Development



  • 10 hardblockers
  • Downloaded blacklist is in beta 10. bug 625160
  • OpenGL acceleration is disabled on OS X 10.5 because QuickDraw plugins don't get along with OpenGL. bug 583499
  • The fixes we have for DirectWrite I/O causing huge startup times have all landed (bug 602792). If there are remaining issues, please open new bugs.
  • Repeating our call from last week: People who experience the following hardblocker bugs, please contact Joe or Bas:
    • bug 603134 - OS X only - Firefox/Minefield doesn't render any content in new windows until you move the window. This can also manifest itself as random parts of the window refreshing at inconsistent times.
      • This is a Mac OS X bug. We're trying to work out what hardware is affected by it.
      • Please contact joe on irc or if you see this.
    • bug 603793 - Windows only - Menus disappearing, often on submenu mouse over.
      • We can't reproduce this and don't know anyone directly who does.
      • If you can reproduce this, contact Bas on irc, or


  • Blockers down to 49 (14 hard).
    • Scary stuff remaining: border-radius clipping
  • Also looking into scrolling perf regressions
  • A pretty invasive change to plugin rendering is in the works, hope to have it working around the end of this week, reviewed and landed next week. Will definitely need beta coverage.


  • 20 hardblockers left. Good progress in the bulk of those (some plugin bugs desperately need attention, working on that).
    • bug 627729 is unowned, but it's not a Firefox issue (hotmail change).

Tree Management

  • Downtime Wednesday 1am-5am Pacific for mac64 -> mac work (bug 600931)
    • Required to remove manual steps in release automation
  • FYI 10.6 screen resolution to happen Wednesday between 6am-8am
    • new talos jobs will be re-triggered for new baseline
    • no downtime needed
  • FYI Win7 slaves to have Nvidia drivers update and DirectX install will happen Thursday between 6am-9am
    • new talos jobs will be re-triggered for new baseline
    • no downtime needed

Stability Report

  • Beta9: Looks good with 2.13 crashes per 100 ADUs (2011/01/24) - over 1.6 million users
  • Trunk: Pretty stable with 2.59 crashes per 100 ADUs (2011/01/24) - 71K users
  • Nominations queue is at 75. Need to get through noms quickly to identify serious crashes and regressions.


  • Discussion about betaN/beta 11 contingency plan mentioned in schedule/notices above