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  • Installing an app to the platform
    • DOM API
    • App points to URI with json meta data
    • Permissions granting is up in the air
    • How to offer apps -> via a website
    • Profile integration for stand alone apps
  • Web Activities/Intents
    • Webkit working on this too
    • W3C proposal
  • Mail threads to dev-planning
  • Apps

Notices / Schedule

Old and busted

  • The code freeze for Firefox 3.6.20 was YESTERDAY
    • If you have a bug in this list you have outstanding work
      • Andreas and Benjamin: If you won't get to the fix, think it is too risky, or think we don't need to block please let us know (w/ reasoning of course)

New hotness


  • Planning to create the last beta build / "RC" for this cycle TOMORROW, 2011-08-03
  • If no issues are found we will ship the last beta build / "RC" as final on 2011-08-16
    • If you find any issues that would require a respin or prevent us from releasing please email release drivers


  • The AMO automated compatibility bump was done late last week


  • Reminder: The next mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora source migration date is 2011-08-16, ~2 weeks away

Firefox Development

  • Marco Bonardo landed a patch to collect telemetry data about places databases (bug 671001)
  • Frank Yan landed tab dragging animations last week (bug 455694) - \o\
  • Ran into some issues with sessionstore dataloss due to sessionhistory bugs, Paul O'Shannessy worked to develop some workarounds on the session restore side (bug 669196), and Tim Taubert and Justin Lebar have been doing great work investigating the underlying issues (bug 670318, bug 673467)

Firefox Developer Tools




  • Sean Stangl joined Monday, initially working on IonMonkey
  • A few ARM perf wins from Marty (with a little help from Jacob Bramley, I think):
    • bug 673314: enable ARM multiply instructions in JM
    • bug 674143: new value tags that are easier to compare on ARM (this is also worth a few percent on x86)






  • Switched to new toolchain from NDKr5
  • Testing update
    • make targets for mochitests and reftests, coming soon for xpcshell tests
    • Weekly meetings to coordinate work between dev, ateam and releng (Mobile/Testing)
  • Need help diagnosing individual test failures



Tree Management

  • enabling more android unittest, talos on different project branches.
  • NDK5 rolled out in production.
  • win32+linux builder machines vibration fix done (joint w/IT)

Stability Report


  • New Socorro release going out to production today.
    • Fix for graph/line colors in crashes per user page.
    • Includes plugin and content crashes so the numbers might change a bit.



  • Juanb - seems very easy to crash using WebGL.
  • Firefox freezes in full screen mode on youtube - Bug 675645
  • Fixed the spike in plugin hangs but most users still on beta3 so we haven't seen those crashes go down yet.
  • Bug 469267 - this has spiked up between b2 and b3.


  • Verified the fix for the Flash hang.


  • Some new signatures showing up only for 8.0a1.
  • Some regressions late last week due to a parser change.
  • All major regressions seem to have bugs and are being worked on.

General areas of concern

  • Flash
    • Flash hangs and crashes seem to be rising - worse on 5.0 today than 2 weeks ago.
    • For the particular crashes we looked into, they seem to be rising across all versions.
    • Largest rise we saw was with Bug 675200
    • Doesn't seem to correlate to particular Flash versions.
    • Might be due to websites making some changes.
    • Reach out to Adobe for help diagnosing the issue and the crash team is going to work on gathering more data.
    • Reporter makes a comment that she is getting a lot of Firefox crash reports.
    • Probably site related - we are looking into it.


  • Nothing new to update today.


  • Dropping the 10.5 OS X *SDK* (not support for OS X 10.5)
    • Email thread dev-platform