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Notices / Schedule

  • We released Firefox 7!
  • We did the source migration!
    • Nightly users have fun with your version sniffing bugs...
    • Check the announcements for the particular changeset aurora9 is based on
  • We have a new release manager! Say hi to Alex Keybl, based in MV

Firefox Development

  • Dao has fixed one of the more annoying copy/paste issues with the URL bar protocol-stripping behaviour (URLs selected from the awesomebar should not have the prefix added correctly) (bug 668019)
  • (not really firefox front-end, but…) Gian-Carlo Pascutto is making very good progress on switching the safebrowsing store from SQLite to a flat file, to make it more suitable for mobile devices (bug 673470)

Firefox Developer Tools



  • The graphics team is planning on having a BugKill day, in which we endeavour to scrub our enormous bug list down to a significantly smaller set that people can keep in their heads.
    • If people are interested in scrubbing our old bugs, please contact Joe Drew so you can be included in the divvying-up of bugs.
    • We think it's likely to take the whole day, so don't plan on getting a lot of other work done on that day if you're involved.
    • We also don't think we'll finish on this one day, but it's an experiment to see if it's useful, helpful and possible.
    • More details to come, but we know the Graphics BugKill day will be on Friday, October 4, 2011.






  • WebSMS API fully implemented (still needs tests and cleanup)
  • WebTelephony radio part is coming along for B2G
  • Files-in-IndexedDB, lots of progress on initial patch, but not done yet
  • Initial battery API drafted and implemented
  • Camera landed preffed off on mobile. Implementation issue keeping it preffed off
  • Fabrice will be doing camera on desktop once the mobile part is done
  • The plan is for all of the above to land on m-c.
    • Possible exception is WebTelephony, but we'll likely want to land and disable that in order to keep it running and tested.





  • bug 688762 - fix return codes for remote harnesses, this should reduce hanging tegras
  • bug 687974 - adb support for talos
  • bug 688604 - make talos-remote, coming soon!

Mobile Perf Program

  • Can Joel or Clint talk to: bug 685632 - Please collect RSS (memory) data during Talos testing on Android
  • Also digging into helping Joel prioritize & drive which automated tests need to be fixed and helping with getting the hw lab scalable.
  • The focus this week is to create a perf metrics matrix so we can obtain baseline measurements. This is a grassroots effort so that we can create a snapshot of the areas we need to focus on optimizing on mozilla-central in time for the mobile work week. We are focusing on "Macro" or observed measurements and will likely use a 7D/HDMI camera to capture screens
  • Still need to land on what the spectrum of reference HW; targeting by the end of the week
  • A draft of the matrix which will be ready for circulation tomorrow (wed).

Android Native UI

Mobile Testing Ramp-up

meetings Wednesdays at 10:30PST



Tree Management

  • 80 New 10.6 test machines ("rev4 mac minis") incoming in the next few weeks. This is a larger pool than before and faster hardware, so they'll turn around results faster.
  • Old 10.6 test machines will be recycled as linux and windows test machines, which should help throughput for those platforms too.
  • PGO being turned off for on-change builds. bug 658313
    • Nightlies will still be PGO
    • PGO builds will be run every 4 hours
    • It will be possible to request PGO on Try
  • Tinderbox mail has been shut off completely for almost everything. (Remains on for things that aren't visible on TBPL: Spidermonkey, Valgrind, Nanojit)


Security Reviews Scheduled for this week

Date / Time Item
Mon Sep 26 / 13:00 PST Stub Installer

How we should implement the verification that the stub installer has downloaded the correct file for installing Firefox (no link to feature page)

Tue Sep 27 / 10:00 PST Panel Based Download Manager To Be Rescheduled
Wed Sep 28 / 13:00 PST Embedded Add-On Preferences
Thur Sep 29 / 10:00 AM PST Code Editor

Calendar and Meeting details

Stability Report


  • Release deployed today
  • Has a skip list for mobile that will help get us more meaningful signatures.


  • FF7 out today so too early for meaningful data.
  • Problem with ADUs on Trunk and Aurora showing up as 0 - seems to be fixed. bug 688587
  • All channels look relatively stable.
  • Most of the issues we are tracking relate to external problems
    • bug 684748 - Comcast issue. White Sky deployed a fix last week and crashes are decreasing as people get the update.
    • bug 665775 - DataMgr.dll - Marcia working on checking the list of versions that need to be blocked.
    • bug 688637 - Mcafee script scan - monitoring volume.
    • bug 688895 - Babylon toolbar - monitoring volume.
    • bug 688895 - crash nsRuleNode::Sweep
    • bug 687991 - Not getting reports due to problem with the crash reporter - this was fixed. Verified it's fixed on the mac side on 09/23/11. Need to verify on the windows side.
    • Haven't seen any issues yet related to the Flash release last week but marcia keeping an eye out for plugin crashes.


  • Naoki's detailed report -
  • Crash reporter issues
    • bug 688692 , bug 686492 and bug 686800
    • bug 686973 - crash happening in Java layer so we don't get meaningful signatures - around 15% of crashes.
    • bug 689234 - Mobile is not reporting the graphics data in the app notes field. Probably not working because on the desktop we are only reporting this for Windows and not other platforms.
  • Top problems we are tracking.
    • bug 687367 - We worked around this but are now seeing it in the wild. Need to make sure that Andreas knows that this is pretty urgent for Michael to work on.
    • bug 663494 - JP will ask Brad Lassey and his team to look at this bug.
    • bug 677548 - crash [@ nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::AdvanceFrame ][@]
    • bug 661158 - Crash on mobile SMP devices while sending PRNetAddr over IPDL [@ Pickle::ReadBytes]
  • Triage for crash bugs to clean up the list, particularly reproducible crashes.