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  • Crash reporter
    • Mac crashes not getting submitted [
    • Windows signature not showing the appropriate signature - bug was fixed but we might need to reprocess some reports.
  • Zero ADUs appearing again - Figure out if we need to file a new bug.
  • External problem
    • Comcast issue - Bug 684748
    • DataMgr.dll - Bug 665775 - Marcia will confirm the actually dll versions then Sheila will work with Johnath to get the patch done and approved.
    • Macafee script scan - Bug 688637 - check on volume
    • Babylon toolbar - Bug 688895 - check on volume
  • Bug 688870
  • Bug 687991 - fixed?
  • Component reports - Kairo still working on that.


  • Crash reporter issues
  • Socorro
    • Skip list should have been pushed on Friday - new Socorro release - need to confirm that.
    • Bug 686973 - crash happening in Java layer so we don't get meaningful signatures - around 15% of crashes.
    • Mobile is not reporting the graphics data in the app notes field - Naoki will log a bug and cc JP on this. Probably not working because on the desktop we are only reporting this for Windows and not other platforms.
  • Bug 687367 - We worked around this but are now seeing it in the wild. Need to make sure that Andreas knows that this is pretty urgent for Michael to work on.
  • Bug 622992 and Bug 663494 - JP will ask Brad Lassey and his team to look at this bug.