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  • Every Monday at 2:30 PM Pacific/5:30 PM Eastern/21:30 UTC
  • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 217
  • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 217
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 217 (toll free, Skype)


  • Daylight Savings Time ends in North America next weekend, so this meeting will be moving to 17:30 UTC-5, aka 22:30 UTC.
  • What are our goals? What should we be working on first/preferentially? What takes a back seat, if we work on it at all?
    • Answer: Our goals are: Electrolysis and out-of-process plugins, crashes, and performance, maybe in that order.
    • If you have questions about our priorities, please check out Q4 goals.
    • Everyone should be willing to question what other people's priorities are -- why they are working on something in particular -- and to not get upset about being questioned on that.
    • Bubble up your concerns and ideas; if you don't know whether something is important, or what's more important, let's talk about it - talk in this group, talk with Damon, write to dev-planning, but make sure we're working on the right stuff.
  • Should/can we move this meeting to 2:15 Pacific to help accommodate the CrashKill meetings?

Status Updates

  • Joe
    • Last week:
      • Fixed a decode-on-draw regression, bug 516772.
      • Fennec shared memory/tile browser discussion with Chris Jones & Benjamin Smedberg
      • Long talk about requirements for hiring and organizing over the next year.
      • Some long-waiting reviews.
    • This week:
      • Fennec shared memory/tile browser implementation.
      • Decode-on-draw regressions.
      • One day off because it's my birthday on Thursday!
  • Jeff
    • Last week:
      • Electrolysis event forwarding iteration
      • Win CE drawing bug
      • Layer API research on OS X
    • This week:
      • Finish up electrolysis event forwarding
      • Work with Jim on electrolysis drawing forwarding
      • Win CE drawing bug?
      • Layer API finalizing
  • Bobby
    • Last week:
    • This week:
  • John
    • Last week:
    • This week:
  • Jim
    • Last week:
      • nsNTLMAuthModule removal bug 520607.
      • tracked down 1.9.1 top crasher patch leaks (bug 470487) using try slave. (related to java applets)
      • additional testing work on electrolysis RPC deadlocks.
      • one day of PTO
    • This week:
      • address feedback on nsNTLMAuthModule sec. bug patch.
      • blocking bug: minimized window issues with session restore (bug 520178).
      • take "warn users on malware detection" (bug 523350), put something together.
  • Mark
    • Last week:
      • cleaned up texture (bug 524042) & state getters patch
      • array views (bug 520920)
      • created status google docs page
    • This week:
      • state getters & interface cleanup
      • resize crash
      • impl CanvasActiveInfo, CanvasUniformLocation, ContextAttributes
  • Bas
    • Last week:
      • Extending DirectWrite support
      • Working on getting DirectWrite to work with unit tests
    • This week:
      • Cleaning up directwrite code and making sure all tests work
      • Layers API brainstorming
  • Rob
    • Last Week:
    • This week:
      • Some Aero Peek bugs if I'm lucky
      • bug 524468 needs some prioritization - requires Jeff to change priorities if we want to fix it for 1.9.2
      • Need help figuring out what's going on with bug 520943 (zoom isn't reflected in the drawWindow call) from someone who knows canvas.