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Mozilla has a lot of amazing projects that aren't visible to the wider group. With each team tracking and managing projects differently, we don't get a big-picture view of where we can share resources, collaborate more and avoid duplicating efforts. Most projects rely on inter-team communication and coordination and that has proven to be difficult. We need a better way to track and prioritize projects across the entire organization so that projects can run more smoothly.


We would like to find a tool that can centrally track projects, resources and people, as well as help us align our projects with organizational goals.

In order to pick the best tool, and (especially) to implement it in a way that works for everyone, we need to know more about what people are currently doing to manage their projects. It is important to note that we are not looking to replace Bugzilla or the existing wiki, but instead to augment your current tool set with the minimum amount of information and features necessary.


The following team was created after multiple conversations with IT/QA/Infrasec on resource constraints and how we can better plan for future projects. Jim Cook called a meeting with a few of the people below to kick off conversations and plans on how to improve project management for all service and deployment groups at Mozilla.

  • Jim Cook (Finance) - Project champion
  • Chris More (WebDev Web Production) - Team lead
  • Christie Koehler (WebDev Web Production)
  • Mike Alexis (WebDev Web Production)
  • Laura Thomson (WebDev Webtools)
  • Fred Wenzel (WebDev)
  • Stephen Donner (WebQA)
  • Matthew Zeier (Operations)
  • Corey Shields (IT)
  • Michael Coates (InfraSec)
  • Jeff Vier (Services Operations)
  • Sheila Mooney (Engineering)
  • Martin Best (Engineering)
  • David Ascher (Labs)
  • Stormy Peters (Engagement)
  • John Slater (Engagement)
  • Mary Colvig (Engagement)
  • Melissa Shapiro (Engagement)
  • Jane Finette (Engagement)
  • Patrick Finch (Engagement)

Updates & Meetings