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Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox +Project Distrufox is a Contribution Challenge developed as part of the Firefox Growth Team and the Firefox 10th Anniversary Challenge. Project DistruFox seeks to aid users in locations where internet bandwidth is limited to install up to date Firefox via hard copy distribution. DistruFox additionally seeks to collect data on installation failures in developing markets and increase brand awareness in markets.  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox OS Local Content +Mozilla has successfully launched Firefox OS in nearly 20 countries in Latam, Europe and Asia and the reception for the product has been generally positive. While we have been very good at creating buzz and excitement around our Fx OS launches in the weeks before and after our launches, we have had difficulty sustaining the momentum gained and interest/excitement/engagement peters out which this challenge aims to address.  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Mobile Webmaker +What do the next billion web users want? Mozillians love to tell world about Mozilla. Now they can tell Mozilla about the world. Collect real information about what problems the next billion users want to solve and how to improve mobile Webmaker to address those needs.  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Test Challenge E +short description for challenge e  +