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Welcome to the Mozilla QA Community Bug Day wiki!!

Join us on IRC any time to talk about QA at Mozilla.

Test Days are an excellent way to contribute to Mozilla's QA efforts. It doesn't matter if you've been involved with Mozilla for years or if this is your first step into our amazing open source community. Anyone can participate and be a valuable contributor. The exact area or topic for Bug Day will vary for each event. But the general idea is to work through some sort of bug list as a team.

Next Bug Day


As of April 2014:

Bug Triage days are generally Fridays. Bug Verification days are on Wednesday!

Join us in #testday and introduce yourself. In triaging, we go through newly reported bugs. For verification, we try to make sure that "fixed" bugs really are fixed. See you in #testday!

Future Bug Days

Please find future topics on the QMO events calendar

Staying Connected

Join the mailing list -
Hang out in IRC when we're not scheduled in #testday
Watch the QMO Events page for new event announcements.


Where do I start? Each Bug Day topic will have a specific focus. Instruction on what needs to be done should be included in the QMO Bug Day Event post:

The following documentation is good to become familiar with for anyone trying to work in Bugzilla projects:

Note: If you don't have the necessary rights to make a change to a bug, add a comment to the bug detailing what should be changed and why. You can also make this known in the #bugday channel, and one of the moderators or an experienced volunteer will assist you.

What to do next?

Community Representatives

Bug days are led by members of Mozilla's QA staff. We are always willing to guide and teach communities members who are willing to take on more responsibility. If you want to host or moderate a Bug Day, Please let us know. For contributors planning and hosting Bug Days please see the Bug Day Planner