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I have seen a fairly serious bug in Firefox Hope this is the right place to open it up to discussion. I have been using Firefox for quite some time, several months. Today (June 11, 2006)I got an update message while I was browsing around. I stopped what I was doing and told it to go ahead and install the update. When it installed the update, Firefox came back up with a blank page, it kept trying to resolve the page but was unable to. I ran a quick netstat and discovered I had no connectivity. I closed Firefox (with the X) and tried to restart my machine. I could not get the machine to restart, so I cold booted. When it came back up I checked for connectivity, my aim came up and I was able to browse in IE. I restarted Firefox and it still could not resolve any web pages. No matter what URL you select it just keeps spinning. I tried clearing all of the caches etc. no go. I decided to uninstall Firefox and re-install it. That is when I discovered that the Firefox.exe process was not shutting down and that I could not shut it down from the Task Manager. I rebooted my machine again, and then uninstalled I then went to the website and downloaded a fresh version and installed that. I continue to have the same problems, Firefox will launch but it will not resolve any web sites. The process will not shut down no matter how you close the application. I am running on XP Media Edition, 1 gig of Ram, 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 and I have a high speed cable connection (Comcast) I read through the forums but did not see anyone else reporting this. Except one person complaining that Firefox was now too slow. It was working absolutely fine for me right until I did that install

  • check your firewall. It is likely that this software needs you to permit the new version of Firefox to access the web. 14:13, 11 June 2006 (PDT)

Firefox on High Speed

I have used Firefox for over two months on my dial-up connection, and very happy with it.

Two days ago I installed a High Speeed internet connection for my daugheter, after installation, I downloaded and installed a copy of Firefox, but while the system works fine in IE, firefox cannot find any site. I allowed Firefox in the Firewall but still does not work.

What else can I do?