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L10N Test Plan


We will be testing the Localized versions of Firefox 3 using both an automated method to check specific L10N preferences, search plugins, bookmarks and extensions. Additionally, we will also employ the standard L10N tests that we have done in previous versions of Firefox, and will make a concerted effort to ensure that the new UI are thoroughly and properly localized.

Scope of planned testing

1) The Minotaur tool will test the following elements of each build and ensure that they conform to the L10N Requirements.

  • Preference Settings
  • Search parameters
  • Search links
  • Order of Search Plugins
  • Extensions installed by default (if any)
  • Bookmarks installed by default (if any)
  • Content handling/protocol handling defaults (if any)
  • Default RSS settings (if any)

The Minotaur tool will not be able to check "standard" L10N types of testing like proper translations, strings that overrun their frames/dialogs, etc.

2) QA Execution will cover Top Tier 1 locales, and do a manual smoketest. The list of sites are covered in the requirements. Testcases will assume the following configurations:

  • Installation
  • Search Plugin
  • Search Order
  • First Run URL
  • Start Page URL
  • Bookmarks
  • RSS Sample

See M9 l10n Results for an example.

3) Third-party Smartware, will run more specific localization and in-depth test cases for selected list of locales. Need link to Smartware Testplan

For Beta 2, Smartware will cover:

  • Indic languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Malyalam, Telegu, Bengali
  • Non-Indic In-house Languages: French, German, Italian, Iberian and Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese...
  • Non-Indic Outsoursed Languages: Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Dutch, Danish

The plan is to do two rounds per locale as we did for for FFx2. The first round would be after FFx 3 B2. The second would be during RCs to catch all the final bug fixes to strings and their translations along with help updates.


L10N strings will not be ready until beta 1, so this gates much of our testing.

  • Have all test plans and tools ready by beta 1
  • Perform tests on all OS's and all locales by beta 2.