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QA Staff Meeting Notes Jan 11, 2011

New Hires

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

  • Fx4:
    • Beta 10: Code freeze ETA (Friday); Builds on the following Monday.
    • Not yet clear whether we will have a beta 11.
    • Not many disagreements between soft/hardblocker decisions already made.

Maintenance and Security (Al)

Firefox 3.5.17 / 3.6.14

  • Code freeze was yesterday, 1/18, but several blockers are not in yet.
    • Real code freeze is probably tomorrow.
  • Builds will be created once code freeze has stuck, probably on Thursday afternoon or Friday.
  • Will need people resources on either Friday or Monday, depending on when builds are made.
  • Beta is scheduled for 1/26, next Wednesday. If necessary, that will slip a day.

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Sync (tracy)
    • 1.6.2 in testing, may sign-off by EOD today. Ship tomorrow.
    • Python server and pake testing today and tomorrow
    • Connor documented the process for services release cycles.
  • Test Pilot (tracy)
    • search study disabled to avoid engine disappearance bug.
      • users that had this will likely see it until they clear their study folder
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 1.0b2 on track for next week.
    • Flightdeck 1.0a7 released January 6th.
    • ACE editor for flightdeck to be incorporated in this release(1.0a8).
  • Firefox Home (tony)
    • talk about 2.0 roadmap
    • no new blockers

WebQA (Stephen)

  • AMO
  • Army of Awesome
  • Input
    • Working on 3.0
  • MDN
    • MDN Thursday 20th January 2011
  • Socorro
    • Working on testing/deploying 1.7.6 in Phoenix (PHX)
  • SUMO
    • 2.4.2 shipping Thursday, 1/20

QA Services (Marcia)

  • Meetups/Events
    • Marcia attending Drumbeat San Diego event. Conference call with event coordinator today to discuss presentation
  • Community Planning
  • Video Work
  • Tomcat
    • Running TopSite Tests and filling bugs (like bug 627015 - Triaging Crash Reports etc
    • Working on CeBIT Stuff
  • Accessibility:
    • Things are continuing to work out with bug 498015 and dependent hard blockers. Not all of it will be in beta 10, but we're continuing to get stuff through reviews. This is the major thing left to do right now.
    • bug 622495, the alerts that weren't spoken by screen readers any more, are fixed and will be working in beta 10.
    • We've made a decision to document in our voluntary product accessibility template for Firefox 4 that Tab Candy/Panorama won't be accessible and that we may get to a better state in either a maintenance release or the next release after FX4. There is a general idea and a good first patch, but no time and some higher priority stuff to do that prevents this from getting properly done right now. But since this is not critical to Firefox usage in general, we can get away with Panorama currently not being accessible to screen reader users.

Test Automation (Henrik)

  • General
  • Mozmill
    • Mozmill 1.5.2 release targeted for beginning of next week
    • After the release Mozmill test results will be re-enabled for Tinderbox
  • Project updates
    • Mozmill Crowd 0.1 has been released (another tiny v0.1.1 release has to be released to make it easier for localizers to work with)
    • Fixes for a couple of test failures (close to zero on default, except for Linux)

Discussion Items

  • scrum pads
  • q1 goals
  • Interest in meeting with the Metrics team to have them design a QA dashboard? [marcia]
    • If so we would have to identify a set of data sources we would like to visualize

Round Table

  • Testday on Thursday, 9-5 PST to help guide localizers through the process of triaging issues on Input to Bugzilla. Please stop by, help out, and support our localizer community.
  • Director's Meeting - Are they still happening? [marcia]

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?
Add dashboard meeting to already existing one next week tracy/marcia