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April 17, 2013

# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   New Hires & Interviews 
   Upcoming Events/Conferences 
   Jammink at SFHTML5 conference, April 25th; also invited to speak at MobileWebDevcon in Boston, July 16th
    Luqman's Intern presentation Thursday Apr 18 @ 2:30pm in 10-Fwd

Travel / PTO

   Tony, Marcia, Jason in Madrid this week for B2G workweek
   John Hammink in Chile this week for IOT support
   PTO Juan April 18-21 

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

   Fx21b3 to be shipped tomorrow
   Funnelcake / stub installer releases within the next two weeks
   Firefox for Metro Iteration #5 completed this week

   ESR (mwobensmith) 

   Stability (marcia)

   Automation (ashughes)

   WebRTC (jsmith)
   Security (mwobensmith)
   IDNs, Java issue, various acronyms


Mobile (Tony)


   Fennec (Kevin/Aaron) 
   Firefox 20.0.1 built to remove promo
   Firefox 21.0 Beta 2, build #2 pushed out over last weekend to address missing locales on multi-locale build
   Firefox 21.0 Beta 3 to bs shipped tomorrow or Friday
   WebRTC support for Android landed behind preference (  
   Stability (nhirata)

   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
   Stability (nhirata)
   QAnalydocs :
   v1.0.1 Inari testing still going on currently.  Hoping to finish EoD today or early morning tomorrow
   v1.1 Leo will be starting shortly after
   Blocker bugs:
   QAnalytics blockers : 
   Leo Blockers:
   Sanity Check is done on:
   Unagi Mozril v1.1 for dogfooders
   Smoke tests are being done on :
   Unagi Commercial ril v1.1 in lieu of Leo v1.1 commercial ril
   Inari Commercial ril v1.0.1
   4/18 build we will be switching up and not using Commercial Build due to a push for MMS that breaks the compatibility between gecko and ril.
   Unagi builds have gone green again with updating
   Today might have an issue with the Marketplace?  Need to follow up with Pike
   Much of the B2G team is in Madrid supporting testing efforts there.
   Working up estimate of a first iteration of an API validation test suite for B2G Gecko.
   Martijn doing second round of exclude list cleanup for B2G mochitests: -- up to 215K tests running. May be closer to 300K after we get some timeout issues solved.
   Gaia UI Automation:
   B2G/Gaia testing (stephend):
   Doubling down on fixing test failures (as well as re-enabling now-passing tests  and removing workarounds as we receive framework fixes), and beginning our infrastructure expansion
   David Burns is looking into - Click's scroll into view is too aggressive on the Select wrapper
   Got our 1st commercial-RIL Unagi engineering build
   seems on par with the normal build, still some issues with cell/wi-fi
   Bugs filed to get engineering builds for Leo, Inari, and Hamachi
   Marionette regressions early in the week, are being fixed: - MarionetteException: Illegal value in CI from test_clock_add_alarm_multiple_times run - Can't send_keys to a visible <element>
   Community Members Onboarding

Services (Edwin) Work week in Vancouver: 5/6 week

   AWS - targeting next week go live (causes 4.12 train to derail)
   B2G - merge work is still in Dev, schedule for QA is TBD. Looks like first "experimental" release could happen by end of month
   PiCL - looking at client, server, SITB, db changes, push support
   Sync testing brain dump finally going to happen today
   simplePush - Dev is looking at some scaling/AWS issues
   Heka - v0.1.x is out in Prod for Sync and for Markeplace. v0.2 is in Dev right now
   Sync - ongoing DB issues causing headaches for users

Web (Stephen)

    No updates

   Engagement Projects 
    Firefox Flicks added new judges, carousel images and blog posts

   Firefox Marketplace 
    working on obtaining coverage for in-app payments testing in our shipping countries
   Krupa's returning tomorrow 
    no push this week

    Webprod is on workweek - no updates

    continuous deployment, no updates

    Milestone 41 moved to 04.18.13 -

   Community Members Onboarding
    New Community Contributor Spotlight post!

Community (Marcia)


   Upcoming Events 
    More information to come regarding MozCamp invitations

   Testdays (ashughes)
   No upcoming events at this time

   Video Work
   No update this week (Raymond)
   working on a push to fix a security issue

   Community Members Onboarding

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)

   General work is still going. Brendan was able to finish up a couple of things in the meantime.
   Henrik and two other colleagues from Mozilla will start a webmaker class for 3 days in a secondary school near Dresden in May
   This quarter we will invest a lot of time in training community members - if you know some who have interests in automated testing please tell them about us!

   Mozmill CI [henrik]
   Support for pulsebuildmonitor has been deployed to production last Thursday
   All new Mac Minis have been arrived. IT is working on remaining network configurations. Once done we can bring them up and kill the old CI instance! \o/
   Lately we experience a lot of trouble with update tests for localized daily builds. We might have to disable those if no solution is in sight. 
   Mozmill [henrik]
   Updated schedule for time-driven Mozmill 2.0 release:
   Mozmill Tests [henrik]
   By next week we will start working on the Metro support for our automation scripts - we might have troubles with touch events

   MozTrap (Cameron)
    Met with TEF and discussed Moztrap reporting wishlist for Q2 [mbrandt]

   Community Members Onboarding 

Roundtable/Discussion Items

   [item here]

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items



   Action Items

   Last Meeting 

   Action Items