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Goal 2013 Q2

Release an updated version of Mozmill.

Approach and Milestones

This is a date driven release of Mozmill 2.0 and 2.1. Our goal is to empower community members to take on Mozmill, fix as few bugs as possible to make the new release successful and pave the way toward replacing Mozmill's python-js connector (aka jsbridge) with Marionette. Our goal is to be quick and strategic and to build a community around this tool so that as we make the shift into Marionette in Q3, we have built working knowledge of the old system so that its behaviors can be properly preserved/ported. The shift to marionette will only replace the jsbridge component, all the APIs of mozmill will remain as an API layer for tests so that we do not have to port the thousands of existing Mozmill tests. But for this to work, we'll need top notch engineers from the community to help, and to get top notch engineers, you have to train them. That's the goal of these two releases.

The project flag for use in bugzilla whiteboard queries is: mozmill

The Mozmill project overview page can be found here:

Milestone 1 - 2 weeks (April 15 - 29)

Milestone 2 - 2 weeks (tentative start: April 29)

  • Perform first sprint on 2.1 bugs

Milestone 2 - 2 weeks (tentative start: May 13)

  • Perform second sprint on 2.1 bugs

Milestone 3 - 1 week (tentative start: June 3)

  • Create pre-release for 2.1
  • Find/fix for 2.1
  • Release 2.1 on June 10

Milestone 4 - 2 weeks (tentative start: June 10)

  • Shift automation to use 2.1