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New Team Members

  • Rebecca Billings
  • Ayan Shah

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)
    • Desktop Firefox (Juan)
    • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Browser Technologies (Tony)
      • Mobile
        • Fennec 1.1 code freeze today, release testing [testplan] in the next few days
        • Waverly (outsource) is assisting with daily smoketest/bft nightly runs
        • Full QA status here.
      • Weave (now known as Firefox Sync)
        • Sync 1.3 Client/Server testing in progress. ETA qa signoff 5/14, and ship to world on 5/17
        • Utest (outsource) is assisting with week-long client load testing scenarios
      • Test Pilot
        • TestPilot 1.0a4 deployed to QA
        • Will have a separate UI for firefox 4.0 beta integration
      • Jetpack
        • Ashah is ramping up with team to develop Jetpack SDK examples and installation tests
        • SDK 0.4 targeting end of may. SDK 0.5 end of June
    • WeQA (Stephen)
      • Shipped SUMO 1.5.4 and 2.0 yesterday @ 4pm (and there was much rejoicing)
      • Shipped AMO 5.10, 5.10.1, and 5.10.2 (stability/correctness fixes)
      • (Tentative) Shipping 5.10.3 on Thursday
    • QA Services (Marcia)
      • Accessibility: Reached out to Beltzner with questions regarding some of the new UI.
      • Accessibility: Testing Add-Ons manager keyboard accessibility and exposure to AT APIs now that it's landed on trunk.
      • QA Promo video filming is underway and principal shooting expected to be complete by end of week. Targeting early next week for rough cut. There may be a need for additional shooting/audio after we review the rough cut.
      • Co hosting Selenium Meetup next Wed. Would like the team to come out and help since we will have over 100 people here. We need people to man the lobby and elevators since the bdlg closes at 7 PM.
    • Test Automation
      • Slowly getting broken tests fixed (a lot of distractions)
      • Rewritten scripts for automated release testing under review by Clint
      • Waiting for the above review to enable testing Firefox 3.7
      • Followed up with Google Toolbar team; Got some tests to be able to create the add-ons test-run
      • Feedback from ctalbert about the cloud testing extension; due to security concerns we have to modify our idea a bit; have to talk to AMO security folks

Discussion Items

  • QA Workweek Schedule survey (matt)
    • Do we have a date yet?
      • After discussion the QA work week will be Sept 13-17
  • FF 4 QA Strategy (juan/matt)
    • What is needed to get a handle on FF 4(matt
    • Juan brought out the fact the we are not web developers and therefore can not adequately test platform
    • mac, oopp not shipping in oct?
      • no crash data being reported on Mac
        • needs to be raised as blocker for next release
    • need discussion on prioritization
      • where should invest most of our time
    • FF resources on other teams?
      • can others help in testing
      • prit
    • leverage more testdays and bugdays
      • informed eyes
    • Aakash said to institute contests
    • Matt setup meeting with Juan to go over gaps in FF4 coverage

Round Table

  • Results from Litmus meeting (2 weeks ago) - these are the issues that came out of that meeting that we felt needed input from the wider QA team:
  • I'd like to remind everyone of the excellent discussion about Bugdays going on. [ashughes]
    • We've been receiving excellent feedback and discussion which not only apply to Bugdays but how we leverage our community as a whole
    • If you have not read my blog post on the topic, I encourage you to take some time out of your week to read it and join in the discussion.
  • Please don't confuse the 3.7 Litmus BFT overhaul with Firefox feature maintenance ownership. They are not one in the same. (tracy)
  • Passdown from Director's meeting
  • Summit Presentations Deadline: Deadline was May 6. I received nominations from:
    • Henrik
    • Aakash
    • Marco
  • QMO Feed List (aakash)

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?