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QA Staff Meeting Notes June 22, 2011

New Hires

  • Welcome James Bonacci!

Vacation Calendar for June

  • Matt: May 28- June 18
  • Tracy: June 10
  • Henrik: June 24
  • Stephen: June 29th - July 8th
  • Aakash: June 17-20
  • Naoki: June 30 - July 5
  • Dave Hunt: June 7-14
  • Vishal: Friday, June 10
  • Al and Rebecca (not pto, work remotely): June 27 - July 1

Upcoming Test Events

  • Mobile Testday (Friday, June 24th)
  • Congratulations to Stephanie Daugherty for winning the testing challenge from Lanette Creamer's talk last week.

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

Maintenance and Security (Al)

    • Firefox 3.6.18 is out.
    • Firefox 3.6.19 to ship with Firefox 6*.
    • Firefox 3.6.x end of life (EOL) meeting next week, probably on Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM.
      • Christian will send proposed time later today.

*Unless we don't do Firefox 3.6.19

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Fennec (aakash)
    • Discussed the status of Flight/Feature tracking for mobile/desktop
    • mobile 6
      • setup of beta release pages
    • mobile 7
    • Deciding on lead for mobile 8
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • python sync server in the works
    • both client and server trains back on track. first pieces of instant sync merged to m-c
  • Load Testing (Owen)
    • See under QA Automation below
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • release New Tab study
  • Identity (tracy)
    • passing this on to James
  • Firefox Home (nhirata)

WebQA (Stephen)


=== Add-on Builder (FlightDeck)

Engagement Projects





WebQA Automation


    • Still working through Code reviews. Are still getting pull requests from Waverly
    • Merge of addon details page object imminent


    • Still working through code reviews. Are still getting pull requests from Waverly.



    • We're going to move one of the Waverly resources to the project.


Community (Marcia)

    • There is now a bi-weekly Contribute Group meeting.
      • The Contribute Group is a forum for discussing ideas, questions, concerns or anything else about bringing new people into Mozilla.
    • QMO
      • QMO 4.0 should be available to test by EOW.
        • Craig is basically done with theme work but Bugzilla plugin contractor isn't quite done (and having issues).
        • Should be available for people to review next week.
        • Al just got new badge graphic proposals this morning.

Test Automation (Henrik)


    • In progress of defining Q3 goals
    • We have to get in touch with the WebApp folks to define possible Mozmill coverage


    • Mozmill 1.5.4b3 has been released which caused a lot of brokenness in our tests due to low level API changes; an updated 1.5.4b4 is planned for today with follow-up fixes from Henrik

Project updates

    • Added go to known state before/after tests (robustness)
    • Added up to 5 sec implicit wait for finding elements (robustness)
    • Identifying key tests for the final run at porting so we can have a repo of samples to ramp people up on

  • Mozmill Tests for the Discovery Pane of the Addons Manager (ashughes) </dt>

    • All tests ready code-wise, need testing before landing
    • Waverley working on Bookmarks, History, and Addons Manager restart tests

  • <a href="QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Endurance Tests">Endurance Tests</a> (Dave) </dt>

    • Continuing to work on resolving restart issue by moving to events

    • 1.0 version rolled out on qa-* clusters
    • Includes cluster selection for parallel testing
    • Usage has continued to uncover edge cases in company's Pulse implementation, but overall system is working very well. Stability has increased considerably.

TCM (Cameron/Rebeca)

  • Continuing implementation of .4 features
  • Updates to the filtering UI to make it more goodly
  • On track for FC of .4 on July 15th
  • Added Rebecca Billings as my second
  • Matt B. and Marlena also helping lots
  • Created a "bleeding edge" for dev work on
  • Need fixes to Platform software dependencies.


  • Possible QA Automation Services work week early July in Europe
  • QA Services Workweek - july 18th - 22nd

Discussion Items

  • QA Laptop Bags: Please read the wiki and make your choices: The sooner this happens, the faster we will get the bags.
  • Selenium broken with Firefox 5?
    • Some chatter regarding this in the Firefox 11 AM meeting today. Anyone in QA see this? Johnath is point person for this if you have info.
  • Project Wiki Page cleanup
    • 1st tackle the public wikis
      • access to all current project pages and plans
      • archive old projects
      • create missing project pages
      • Target next staff 7/6
    • next is the intranet side
  • Q3 goals
    • Preliminary Engineering Goals
      • Realize Android as a top-tier supported platform alongside Windows, Mac & Linuz
      • Implement prioritized list of features required to support Web Apps
      • Ship new web developer tool prototype in a release
      • Something related to e10s
    • Each team will have 3 highlevel goals for Q3
  • Org announcement to dev
    • Feedback on org structure?
    • What should be relayed
  • Automation Group offsite brainstorm (need only the automation folks for this)
  • Date for next QA work week?

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


    • New Hires: James Bonacci will be starting on June 20th
    • Vacation: Please update the vacation calendar for June
    • Testdays:
      • Kevin is running a Mobile testday Friday June 24th
    • Project Status
      • Browser Technologies: Webapp is looking for QA support. Tony to talk to Stephen about coverage. We may also need to ramp up on Waverley
      • WebQA: Markup launched
      • Test Automation: TCM will be ready to use/test by .5. Need a list of features to be available to start beta testing (Cameron)
    • Discussion items:
      • Everyone to update their team/personal goals within two weeks.
      • Aaron to post the email regarding how we track fixed and verified bugs in rapid release branch.
      • Please remember to do a 'Reply All' when responding to contributor emails.
      • Al to set up squid proxy on a VM.

Last Meeting