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The list below comprises the current sections of the Litmus subgroup Ownership. Owners of the various areas are responsible for creating new test cases for their area(s) as well as updating existing test cases when there are changes to the functionality or to UI. As a feature owner, you might also be involved in things such as qawanted or helping to reproduce crash issues.

If an area is unowned, we are looking for an owner (Hint: Community members please contact if interested in owning an area)


Subgroup Owner
Instalation unowned
Menus unowned
Options (Preferences) unowned
General unowned
Location Bar & Autocomplete unowned
Tabbed Browsing unowned
Popup and annoyance blocking unowned
Bookmarks unowned
History unowned
Add-ons Manager unowned
Downloading unowned
Layout unowned
Locale Picker unowned
Password Manager unowned
Form Assistant unowned
Find in Page unowned
Contacts unowned
Context Menu unowned
Cookies unowned
Search unowned
Security unowned
Sync unowned
Site Panel unowned
Sharing unowned
System Pages unowned
Uninstall unowned
Web Usage unowned
Screen Navigation unowned
RTL unowned