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# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:  QA channel :
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   New Hires & Interviews 
       Candidate in office tomorrow for in-person interview for Bugmaster role. Please read the interview prep if you are on the interview list.
   Upcoming Events/Conferences 
       A-team work week Oct 23 - Oct 27 in Toronto (Dave, Henrik, Cameron)
       B2G Workweek in SF (nov 5-9)

Travel / PTO

  • Please add your PTO and working remotely information to the Gmail calendar.
   mbrandt - half day of PTO Friday, 2012-10-19
   ashughes - working from Toronto Oct 22, 23, 24; on PTO Oct 25, 26
   marcia - traveling Thursday 10-18, 10/19 Prep for Workshop which will be 20-21 in Turin.
       I expect to be on PTO from Monday-Thursday of next week, but who knows
   jsmith - vacation on 10/25 (birthday)
   john h - vacation 11/16-26
   krupa out  10/16 to 11/07
   Aaron out 10/26 (fsoss)
   camd - A-Team workweek in toronto 10/23 - 10/26
   Softvision has a office event: Oct 26

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

       Firefox 17.0b2 builds available for testing:
       Firefox 17 CTP Blocklisting for Flash 10.3 to 11.4 will be going live this week
       Continuing to warn OSX 10.5 users that Firefox 16 is the end-of-the-line
   ESR (ashughes) 
       10.0.8esr and 10.0.9esr released last week
       We'll have 2 esr branches to deal with once Firefox 17 is released
   Stability (marcia) 
       Notes from 10/15 meeting:
       Platform Stability Report:
           Going forward the format of this meeting will be changing, but we don't yet know what the specifics are related to Stability reporting at the meeting
   Automation (ashughes)
       Nothing new to report
   Sync Client (Tracy) 
       services-central train testing underway by community volunteers

   Security (Matt)
       Mochitest media
       Bug regression

Mobile (Tony)

           fx17 beta contains h.264 and webapps.  please try them out
           fx17 beta testday target November 2
       b2g: dogfooding phones deploying today.  If you havent requested one, and you're in MV, SF, or TO, get on the list asap.   
           QA can help in more specific areas by getting in touch with John (Gaia), and Geo (Gecko)
           Marketplace/payment has new dates
   Fennec (Kevin/Aaron) 
       Firefox 17 beta 2 build issues - required build 2
           eta release Friday
        Stability (nhirata)
   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
       Need to reassess test areas from new FFOSv1 Sheet
           Remap testcases to UCs
           Write testcases to fill in new gaps
               Suggestion - we pick up settings first (and work out from that to mitigate any risks of lack of early coverage/testcases on system platform)
       Smoketest now updated to accomodate Unagi, "partial" failures
       Lots of current regressions
       Stability (nhirata)
           still need ADU, UI implementation (margaret to pick up), Symbols
       Email needs drafts/trash implemented
       Browser has two main issues of either crash/frowny face : 
       Last week's team rollup update: code complete, putting up for review as soon as mochitest on B2G is fixed
       Working on porting existing mochitests to B2G over from several areas:  alarm, device storage, power management, contacts, screen orientation
           1st round of features have landed on dev (perf fix & ordering testcases in suites)
           camd is re-assessing the initial story point estimates
           team is reviewing feature priorities for the next iteration
           other shennanigans have prevented work on the reports
           the team has access to prod db
           expect an inititial drafted report by eow
   Apps (Jason)
       Lots of instability and UX flux on apps - been told to hold off testing until new flows land on 10/26
       Payments - scoping use cases right now for testing that might be needed, supporting bug verifications as need be
       Confused on the story for preloaded for 3rd party apps
   Pancake (nhirata) 
       Flopped.  It's on hold.
   Community Members Onboarding

Services (jrgm)

   Sync Server (jrgm) -
       engineering goals for Q4 are limited:  support sync 1.2 improvements, and deploy the marketing campaign notiications work for Fennec.
   BrowserID (jrgm) -
       working on next release of browserid train-2012.10.12 which will go out likely next Wednesday
       automation tests proceeding with jared and stomlinson
   Hiring and Training 

Web (Stephen)

       Small release scheduled for tomorrow @ 1pm PST
   B2G/Gaia testing: 
       while Zac works on stability and coverage:,
       A-team is working on getting our tests running in CI:
       pushing the Marionette platform and getting A-team's help on features/fixes
       Successful 2.1 milestone released 2012-10-16
   Engagement Projects 
       Mozillians fixes for location search and django upgrade are in testing
   Firefox Marketplace 
       Manual testing on-going, with a release tomorrow
       Automation cranking away too: 
       Lots of great automation coverage coming in from Bob Silverberg:
           automation is now grabbing links on the page and checking their structure, and that they return a 200 OK
       shipped Download button fixes for Aurora, working on IE6-9 https bug
       Rebecca working on testing a couple fixes to Elastic Search
       shipped release
       Milestone 23 scheduled to be released today - very small release;target_milestone=23;product=Socorro;list_id=4699213
   Community Members Onboarding
       Syracuse Students

Community (Marcia)


   Upcoming Events 
       Mozilla Festival in the UK
       Italy Workshop Event - October 20-21 in Turin
   Testdays (ashughes)
       Automation Development is planning a testday for November
       Schedule is pretty wide-open, please propose testday topics ASAP so we can have some activity through the quarter
       2nd of November - Firefox for Android Beta 17
   Video Work
       No update this week (Raymond)

   Community Members Onboarding
       ashughes will be meeting with David Humphrey @ Seneca College next week to discuss ideas about bringing students into QA

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)

       [rwood] Started wiki page for WebAPI tests
       [henrik] First webrtc mochitest and crashtests landed on mozilla-central
       [henrik] Had a talk last Thursday about Mozilla and his own history in the project at his former school with about 60 participants. 
       [henrik] Submitted two proposals for talks at MozCamp Asia 
   MozTrap (Cameron)
       [camd] - Completed implementation of performance fix for editing suites and suite / case ordering support when editing and running test runs.
       [camd] talked to stephend about then writing some selenium tests to test the ordering features.  I owe him a set of test cases.
       [rbillings] did some testing on the ordering and performance
       [camd] implementing more performance tweaks and feedback from carljm and jonnygm
       Talked to tchung about "User Stories" support in MozTrap.  For now, they will use tags to mark test cases with the id of the User Story.
   Community Members Onboarding 

Basecamp Roundtable/Discussion Items

   [jsmith] Rethinking and reflecting on the plan of attack for testing
   [jsmith] 3rd party preloaded apps - what is Mozilla QA doing here?
   [jsmith] Balancing of basecamp testing vs. other testing on other important areas (desktop and android)
   [jsmith] Coordinated approach to platform webapi and general issues
   [marcia] Dealing with influx of new unagi bugs from the dogfooding crowd
       Suggest a daily email with the known issues
   [tony] - dclarke will be driving a B2G performance and stability discussion with interested parties.  ping him if you'd like to participate
       news thread:

Other Roundtable/Discussion Items

   [tracy] Continue with community building efforts
       Respond to contribute emails
       Point volunteers to current action items
       In the past week, I've been able to get several people to help with a Sync services-central client train sign-off
   [jsmith] Updating the QA contribute email to be even more personal - ideas?
   [jsmith] Opinion - Etherpad or Wiki?
   [jsmith] Note - need someone to cover for qa manager on-site interview while I'm on PTO
   [marcia/mbrandt] Update on One and Done event at Mozilla Festival
       Proposal accepted, Zac leading effort to run session
       Session will be 3 hours long but can extend longer
   [marcia] MozCamp Asia - Any other proposals?
       I suggested repeating the Mobile Web Compatibility session that jason/lawrence did. maybe someone going can use their slides.  (affects b2g and Fennec)
       Automation development
   [marcia] Testdays- Getting them advertised early than 2 days before Test Day
       This happened again last week 
   [marcia] Reminder: We have QA postcards now for Desktop and WebQA.

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items

   Rules of Snakes
       If you see a snake, kill it.
       Don't play with dead snakes.
       Every opportunity starts out looking like a snake.

       Action Items
           Send feedback to Jason regarding this:
               [jsmith] Updating the QA contribute email to be even more personal - ideas?

   Last Meeting 
       Action Items 
           Juan: link to QA wiki on the front of QMO

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