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  • Blog - status?
    • We will call it stability blog - Sheila will get this set up
  • Rel Mgmt - stability checks etherpad -
    • We will get through the etherpad and update the queries this week.


  • Release last week
  • New version of crash stats that we should start testing.



  • Things looking good for both release and beta.
  • Database locked issue on release and beta - looking into that.
  • bug 771774 - we blocked as many as we could but it's still there.
  • Some crashes appearing in beta that we haven't seen on release before. Kevin flagged a few for blocking Fennec.
  • #1 top crash on release - bug 763864
  • Nightly - top crash - bug 799977
  • Report done :


  • Looks as if they have a final spec for UI side:
  • Kairo will send out another B2G update to the mail list
  • Laura - someone on their team might be implementing this. Looking for help on Gaia.
  • Content crashes - something has been checked in but need to verify it works.
  • Biggest roadblock is getting the B2G builds to rel eng so we can get symbols.
  • Need to get an ETA on this.