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QA Staff Meeting Notes Nov 09, 2011

Meeting Details

 # Every other Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
 # Vidyo:  (MAYBE)
 # Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (or #245) (US/INTL)
 #         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312  (or #245) (US Toll Free)
 #         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312 (or #245)(Canada)
 # IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

  • New Hires
    • John Morrison, Sevices QA team!
  • Upcoming Events
    • Mobile testday Friday 11/11/11 - Please participate
    • Henrik to represent QA at EU MozCamp - Nov 11th - 13th
    • [confirmed] Tony to represent QA at MozCampAsia. Nov 19-20
  • PTOs
    • Henrik to be away from Nov 25th - Dec 2nd

Discussion Items

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Juan, Anthony)

  • Firefox 8 (juanb): Shipped yesterday.
  • Firefox 9 (ashughes): Beta 1 builds out later today for release by EOD Thursday at the earliest
  • Firefox 10 (juanb): Builds this week.
  • Firefox 11 (ashughes): Merged to Nightly this week
  • Crash Status and Investigation
  • Maintenance and Security ESR (Al)
    • Just shipped 3.6.24 yesterday.
    • 3.6.25 is happening, probably 3.6.26 as well (maybe more)
    • Still waiting for final ESR plan from Kev but have been in communication with him.

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Mobile
    • P0, P1 features have all been assigned to Test Owners. Next step, testcases; bug triaging; test day, litmus test-case conversion and additions (this friday)
    • Crash report changing from this to more simplified version of Native only crashes.
      • Will continue to report and monitor other channels, report is just simplified
    • Performance :
      • Working with Waverly to crunch numbers
      • Clint has stuff automated; missing part is that it needs to log to a server, he will have something towards the end of the week.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • no client work in the pipe.
  • Sync Server (jbonacci)
    • Two deployments have gone out over the past two weeks
      • Bug 695564 - Deploy account-portal rpm-2.9-3 (along with server-core rpm-2.7-2)
      • Bug 693385 - deploy updated server-core (2.6.x) to syncstorage
    • Work is till in progress for the following deployment
      • Bug 694222 - Test and deploy MySQL option innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog + READ COMMITTED
    • Work on the QA Sync Server continues. Next step is to connect it to Dev's Account Portal through LDAP.
  • BrowserID (jbonacci)
    • BrowserID weekly trains continue to go out as scheduled.
    • QA is tracking the OPs build out of Dev, Test/CI, Stage, and Prod environments
    • QA is planning some level of stability testing on all environments once OPs has completed their work
  • Pancake (nhirata)

WebQA (Stephen)

  • AMO
    • AMO team is having its workweek today.
    • AMO 6.3.1 is scheduled to go live on 11/9
    • 80+ tests passing in webdriver
    • docs updated to improve on-ramp for writing amo selenium tests
  • Affiliates
  • Firefox Live
  • Flightdeck
  • Input
  • MDN
  • Socorro
    • Released 2.3.2 milestone
    • Configuration/QA Work week planned for mid-December
    • Socorro staging moving to pbx, bug 677106
    • AlinT (Team RO) has moved onto this project, 50% time.
  • SUMO
    • Inaugural SUMO Questions day was 11/3
    • Next upcoming SUMO Questions day 11/7
    • 11/8 release went out
    • 11/15 release in the works
  • Mozillians

Community (Marcia)

  • Mozilla Festival
    • Henrik reports it was a good event, and we made a contact with a teacher in Spain that is interested in having his class participate in Test Day.
  • MozCamp Berlin and MozCamp Malaysia will be coming up the next two weekends.
  • Status of team slides?
    • Needed for MozCamp events.
  • Status of Building out a Community Kit?
  • Potential areas we want to do events in 2012
    • Part of a larger discussion, but some ideas
      • Argentina with Gabby?
      • Softvision will be holding a meetup in Cluj in early December
  • (Al):
    • QMO bug opened to update QMO to current plugins and buddypress. Minor theme changes to go with it. This should be live as soon as Netops can assign someone to do the push.
    • Https only: Everything on QMO should now be forced to https (more security!!). This rolled out yesterday.

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
    • Resource issue with defunct Firefox processes has been fully investigated. A-team will deliver a patch and Mozmill 1.5.7 by latest next week.
    • Hacking session for l10n tests targeted for MozCamp EU
    • GTAC videos posted -- David Clarke and David Burns are in Lightning Talks II
  • Selenium

Project updates

Prototype of a Fennec Driver (DavidB)
New Members and Mentors Pages
  • Needs a meeting scheduled for next week to determine our tasks for Q4
CI system for daily and l10n Firefox Builds (Henrik)
  • Dave Hunt has started to investigate solutions to execute configured testruns with Selenium
Selenium Grid (DavidB)
Case Conductor
  • Dogfooding site is nearly ready at
  • Dogfooding branch 0.7.X has just one more fix before it's done.
  • Cam and Rebecca have been writing test cases on my local mac mini.
    • Those will be ported to the dogfooding server in a day or so.

OWA Update

Extension Work Week this week
Nov7th - Nov11th.
  • Native app generation code merged in by end of week.
  • App Sync Service integration supposed to be complete by end of week.
  • QA: Testing has begun, around native app generation, and bugs have been filed.
  • QA: Extension is now built / run against the javascript integration tests.
Soup Application has a new owner
Harald Kirschner
  • Development working on figuring out the architecture going forward
  • QA: Developing a method of loading Android app against integration tests.
  • Product is not ready for QA, possibly by end of week next week?
  • Extension is now built / run against the javascript integration tests.
  • A local test server has been created to allow for larger scale app installs (100 apps installed).

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


Mobile test day on friday: 
- first test day for native fennec
- if you have an android phone please participate

- go over highlights:
- look for coverage for P0 and P1 that has landed thus far
- if you haven't loaded native fennec, it's worth it to do so
- launching dogfood program
	- distribute phones
- participation for folks for daily participation
- ongoing
= test day is traditional
- henrik to present at mozcamp
- working on slides
- QA slides to verify

- team meetings : brainstorms for bhags for goals for 2012
- we won't have these set in stone for 1 hr meeting, but we should try to express these goals in these meetings
- brown bag by the end of year.

- the trick would be plan ahead to react to changing conditions
- that would account for that.

- big goals are vision statements rather than deliver x y z.

- as part of the update : community goals.
- discussion about how do we move forward on that.
- community based goals
- gaby 2300 has now been active on native.
- Q4 community goals => have goals around community management
- blogging, tasks, etc. 
- marcia can help you out in terms of community management goals for this quarter and next year.
- BHAGs for 2012 would be largely around community management; will be hugely important
- we won't be able to grow unless we grow the community and them more aware and interested
- Big focus of next year as far as ideas.
- vision statement for team meetings

- case conductor may be the center piece of this.  (mevans's idea)
- do community management; case conductor could be one of the tools.

- Marcia - putting on community notes and Juan's idea on community kits and other ideas (including Romania one)

- in terms of focus, any doubt on priority : native fennec, firefox, open web apps, 
Those are the big projects taht we are absolutely focused on that.
- if there is any questions, those should be prioritized first.

- jrgm :(john morrison) joining and helping james and tracy

- any other discussion items?
- juan : pretty short, if you notice anything with 8 or hear it, please report it on the wiki page for the rapid release wiki (on wiki page)

- tony : read the wiki; everyone should look at native fennec for their android device.  If you don't have one please ask/get one.
- test day on friday
- native support for froyo (2.2)
- tablet is not there; lower priority
- simplier and faster version of XUL fennec
- everything else is on the wiki

- shipped Firefox live today
- a few small release today
- pretty good launch and it's up.
- Firefox live 2 : series of webcams on red pandas
- working on some of the messages.
- launched a bunch of other stuff

- Marcia : what progress: community kit?
- come up with 3 tasks for community members to do this?
- people don't have the time?  Let's get this done by friday
-> everything else is on the wiki
-> QMO?  HTTPS now.

-> Henrik : Burns: potential issues with mozmill; running out of processes, should be sorted out 

- Case Conductor : 
- we're just about done.  just need approval for .6 release; dogfooding release.
- few people approached for test cases, and testing
- any test that written will be persistent.  love to have smaller projects to do that
- migration for the next day or 2
- staging server :
- more than help with that.

- OWA holding pattern:
- getting build that is testable.
- quite a few bugs
- we could do something somewhere towards end of nov where we can include more people form community
- trying to get some good automation stories
- html 5 js piece.

targetting end of nov for test day plan

Action : friday community goals
action : think for team meetings for BHAGS for 2012
action : test day friday
action : community kit etherpad

director's meeting tomorrow.

Action Items

  • friday community goals
  • think for team meetings for BHAGS for 2012
  • test day friday
  • community kit etherpad

Last Meeting

  • Action Items
    • mevans to pool together ideas for next meeting about this quarter and future
    • marcia to create a template for team slides
    • bmoss to chase down who is going to mozcamp (w/ mary colvig)
    • (everyone) Please sign up for test day on friday BrowserID