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These are notes from the semi-weekly Test Development Automation and Infrastructure meetings.


robcee, bc, ctalbert, coop, tomcat, (alice away)


  • performance tests (talos) reporting trunk results to
  • test suite patch submissions (mochikit, scriptaculous, sisyphus)
  • problems installing, troubleshot and eventually removed due to problems on linux
  • land buildbot configs


  • working on minotaur
  • extraction working, nearly ready
  • partner testing, then l10n


  • nothing to report!
  • prepping for submitting test results from eggplant to litmus
  • important first step for receiving results from test farm


  • got hacked, bit of a setback (
  • sisyphus reviewed and ready to land
  • regex recognition of known failure messages
  • removal of indirect eval() possibly breaking a number of tests on trunk - investigating strategies - waiting on mrbkap
  • wrote an expect script to install on mac