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Attendees: alice, coop, bc, ctalbert, marcia, rhelmer, tomcat, tracy, zach, ... I am probably forgetting people.

1) Test automation (tinderboxpoller, mochikit checkin, performance running)

  • Ongoing problems with qm-rhel02, still waiting on linux ref platform finalization before replacement upgrade.
  • Checked in MochiKit framework to the Mochitest unit tests. Added nearly 1000 more tests to the system. [1]
  • Checked in a patch by Axel for the TinderboxPoller component in Buildbot. [2]

2) Performance testing (talos, tabswitcher, places)

  • BuildId patch by Bsmedberg is getting close to landing. Will fix talos trunk reporting. [3]
    • Todo, update to grab build id in new location (robcee, alice)
    • build a patch for talos to aid update (robcee, alice)
  • baseline tools for buildbot still ongoing
    • Todo, finish this and get it running (robcee, alice - (esp. robcee))
  • Tabswitching performance on Trunk
  • Places benchmarking
    • need to run talos on three builds provided by Ben and Dietrich
    • Todo: Send a note to Dietrich explaining our timeframe (alice)

3) webtools & browser stuffs (litmus, qa extension, minotaur)

  • litmus now 1.0
    • much rejoicing (they grow up so fast)
  • zach still poking at design of the qa extension
    • Todo: Project plan (zach)
  • clint's making progress on minotaur - nearly complete
    • Todo: parsing of bookmarks.html in python (ctalbert)

Lastly, bc added via irc (because I forgot to include a bullet item) that he's still working on "getting the regression|fix finding to work for js. I think I finally have it although the known problems pattern file huge".

I hear ya. If you think any of it could be handled in buildbot's error parsing, let me know.

Todo: add this to a wiki (robcee) [DONE]

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Total running time: 20 minutes.

--robcee 14:25, 21 June 2007 (PDT)