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bc, bhearsum, alice, robcee, ctalbert, timr, jonas, martijn


Thursday, September 27, 2007, 1PM PDT


  • IRC: #tdai
  • Phone: 1-650-903-0800, ext #91, conf #275
  • or, 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 275 (US)
    • note conference number change!


Project Tracking

Memory Leak Automation

    • bug 393993
    • bug 397724
    • bug 397725
    • would like to have memleak testing on reftest and mochitest
    • open a page in a debug build, fail on crash and assert. check for leaks
    • requires debug builds for full testing, might be able to get some tests enabled on opt
    • join tuesday, morning at 10am, leak meeting
    • bc may have some leak testing in sisyphus
    • mw22 has a group of pages that might be useful

The Buildbot Show!

    • buildbot page - Buildbot
      • create template for outage reports AI: coop
    • create staging setup AI: coop
    • talos buildbot
    • better clobbers for windows machines AI: coop
    • logging errors on buildbot 0.7.5, twisted 2.5.0, python 2.4-5 bug 395966
      • blog about outage and downgrade machines AI: robcee

Test development

    • Minotaur landed, what's next?
      • tracy was looking at it, to revisit
      • buildbot automation, need a volunteer
    • bug 385987 - minotaur testing tool - DONE
    • DHTML CSS test suite AI: clint IN REVIEW
    • big fat litmus bug, poke zach AI: coop
    • landing graph option to bonsai AI: ben_h IN REVIEW
    • mw22 working on a fuzzer


    • Mac
      • mac baseline and trunk up and running - AI: bhearsum - STAGING
        • trunk/branch up and running on staging-perfmaster
      • problems with mac hdiutil - bug 394334 AI: bhearsum
        • Decided to re-image OS X with 10.4.8 as a workaround bug 395927
        • Had more problems, found out that running buildbot from an ssh session was the problem bug 397534
      • bug in mac version of python, file bug AI: alice - WORKED AROUND
    • awaiting Talos2 landing, etc. AI: alice - LANDED
      • rebaselining separate project
      • running on minis
      • JS Pageloader changes
      • tutorial docs AI: alice
    • proxy server integration AI: alice - IN PROGRESS
      • will include offline use
      • issues with the proxy server
    • RAM issues(?) in mac mini, AI: alice
    • Additional Tests
      • TDHTML, SVG, GFX (bug - TpRender), TXUL
        • GFX holding up the works, rest are running but need to be tested
      • JS speed tests (TJS?)
        • some disagreement on strategy with vlad, alice and jresig
        • need more time to investigate - maybe better as a standalone
    • Vista
      • getting VNC running is currently difficult
      • johnath was using vista for standalone
      • talos bugs to run on vista


    • setup local installation AI: robcee - DONE
    • bug running in Linux kernel 2.6.22 (Fedora)
    • trunk fragility, bc investigating - AI: bc
      • a bit better, no regressions this week
    • look into central webserver or importing jshttpd
    • synching up with cvs, no more rsync - bug 386992 - AI: bc

Community stuff

    • Graph server - potential Seneca Project AI: alice, followup
      • File bugs on feature requests attached to graphserver metabug.
    • community extension progress? Championing?
      • contact dhg for buggybar licensing AI: ben_h - DONE
      • ctalbert landed code and cleanup
      • bugs found by QAE, has recommendations for improvement AI: ctalbert, coop
    • community tamarin buildbot
    • Protocol - staging