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mw22, alice, coop, bc, tomcat, timr, clint


Thursday, January 3, 2008, 1PM PST


  • IRC: #tdai
  • Phone: 1-650-903-0800, ext #91, conf #275
  • or, 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 275 (US)


Q1 Goals

Project Tracking

Memory Leak Automation

  • tuesday, morning at 10am, leak meeting
  • bug 393993 bug 397724 bug 397725
  • would like to have memleak testing on reftest and mochitest
  • open a page in a debug build, fail on crash and assert. check for leaks
  • requires debug builds for full testing, might be able to get some tests enabled on opt
  • bc assertion tests

The Buildbot Show!

  • unittest autonomy
  • better clobbers for windows machines AI: coop

Test development

  • places tests
  • Minotaur landed, what's next?
    • tracy was looking at it, to revisit
    • buildbot automation, need a volunteer
  • DHTML CSS test suite AI: clint IN REVIEW
  • landing graph option to bonsai AI: ben_h IN REVIEW
  • mw22 working on a fuzzer
  • investigate virtual printer drivers for bug 406063
    • pdf creator?
    • AI: mw22, robcee


  • Production Minis
  • Talos Try server
  • Mac
    • mac branch and trunk up and running - AI: bhearsum - STAGING
    • trunk/branch moved to perfmaster now
    • possible hinky numbers on mac?
  • JS speed tests (TJS?)
    • need more time to investigate - maybe better as a standalone
  • Vista, AI: alice, robcee
    • getting VNC running is currently difficult
    • recreate mysterious
  • Leopard, AI: alice, robcee
    • investigating differences in given machine and colo (RAM?)


  • look into central webserver or importing jshttpd
  • crashreporter - AI: bc
  • install on the farm - AI: bc, robcee
  • fix tinderbox errorparsing - AI: bc, coop
  • clone vm for linux to get better times on branch and trunk - AI: bc
  • repurpose pineapple for sisyphus - AI: bc, robcee
  • request an intel mac for sisyphus - AI: robcee

Community stuff

  • community extension progress? Championing?
    • ctalbert landed code and cleanup
    • bugs found by QAE, has recommendations for improvement AI: ctalbert, coop
  • Protocol - staging