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Maintained by Samuel Sidler

What is Talkback?

Talkback is the crash reporting tool that's built-in to many Mozilla projects on the 1.8 branch. This includes Firefox 2.0.0.x, Thunderbird 2.0.0.x, and Camino 1.5.x. "Talkback" includes the Quality Feedback Agent, an application shipped within the aforementioned products, as well as the server-side Talkback reporting tool.

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For more information about the following pages, please read their descriptions below.

Talkback FAQ

The Talkback FAQ is a grouping of frequently asked questions about talkback. A few of the questions were asked on the a blog post: Calling All Crashers (January 24, 2006).

Bug Days

Periodically, during our weekly Bug Days, we'll focus on crash bugs. These bugs are often reported to Bugzilla without much information beyond "I crash". The following documents are meant to help with dealing with bugs which crash.

Crash Analysis

There are two kinds of crash analysis that we do on a regular basis: topcrash analysis and analysis of individual reports.

Our Topcrash Analysis page gives basics on where to go to look at reports, what's available, and how to log a topcrash bug. Additionally, we create various metrics based on our analysis of topcrashers and publish them here. The Metrics page has more information.

The Working With Crash Bugs page discusses how to approach crash bug and gather useful information from them. It goes into detail on appropriate methods for extracting crash logs as well as determining what might be causing the crash.

Getting an Incident Id

How to find your incident id:

  • Find out where Talkback is installed.


        Program 	                        Location
        Firefox 	                        C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\\components\talkback.exe
        Thunderbird                    	C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\extensions\\components\talkback.exe
        Mozilla Suite                       	C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\components\talkback.exe


        Program 	                        Location
        Firefox 	                        /Applications/
        Thunderbird                          /Applications/
        Mozilla Suite                       	/Applications/


        Program 	                        Location
        Firefox 	                       /usr/local/firefox/extensions/
        Thunderbird                         /usr/local/thunderbird/extensions/
        SeaMonkey  (1.5a or earlier)        /usr/local/seamonkey/components/talkback/talkback

Talkback Infrastructure

We hope to detail information about the Talkback infrastructure here.

Talkback Archive

These pages are still useful, but we're hoping to either update them or, at the least, base Breakpad documents on them.

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