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Relationship with developers

  • How early in the development process for a new feature is QA involved?
  • Is the QA person involved in code review?

Relationship with Ops/Deployment

  • Does your group have one stage environment? Many stage environments?
  • Does your QA person have full access to the stage environment?
  • Is your QA person involved in deployments to production?

Pulling the stop cord

  • Does the QA person on your team have the power to stop a release?
  • If so, how is that accomplished?
  • Who makes the final decision to stop a release?
  • Is your team on a regular release cycle?
  • Is there a specific point in the cycle where a 'go/no go' decision is reached?

Teams/groups interviewed


Code review and technical participation

Get involved in code review

Contribute code that is useful

This doesn't have to be just tests –

Testing should be collaborative

Form relationships with both devs and ops folks

Areas to scope out

Input sanitization (fuzzing)

Where are we getting our inputs? Internationalization, UTF-8, etc.


How big do we expect this to get? How can we load test?

Interfaces with other components/projects

Who is responsible for testing at the interface? Who has the holistic view?

User feedback (a/b testing)

How do we know which features are working for users and which aren't?


Writing/updating documentation

Write as you learn – your experience can help the next new hire or new community member.