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  • Feature flagging/A-B testing -- django-waffle
  • Each new feature gets wrapped with wafflle.
  • QA is involved at an early stage in the process.
  • Just Matt having a 'bad feeling' about something is enough to slow down/halt deployment.
  • Opt-in 'beta' users can see features first.
  • Features in three classes: 'this cannot ship broken', 'we must catch this within 30 mins if it's broken', and 'if this is broken for six months it's ok'
  • Most projects use Bugzilla and are small enough that QA can track every bug
  • Overall state is sometimes in kanban board
  • IMPORTANT: relationship-driven -- regression causes embarrassment among devs
  • Tried to stamp out 'adversarial QA' style
  • Fighting the 'QA breaks your stuff' stereotype
  • 'Onboard' new developers/teams -- open up the dialogue
  • Risk analysis vs. binary yes/no gatekeeper

  • dev personal development environments didn't match {dev,stage,prod}.
  • hazard: community thinks "I'm not smart enough to set this up."
  • mbrandt made a docker container
  • winning people over through:
    • demonstrating technical proficiency
    • making their jobs easier
    • reducing regressions
    • tying developer excitement to reduced risk
    • (continuous development)


  • stage has bad ssl cert
  • but overall it's very stable
  • reporting more important than front-end UI
  • AMI's for feature branches