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Dates & Location

Since the new Toronto office is not expected to be ready in time for this work week, we are using a conference room at the Hilton Garden Inn as our headquarters. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, walkable from the hotel, and should the new Toronto office be ready it is a mere 2 minutes walk away.


See Checkin/Checkout on the spreadsheet.


Please list topics of interest for discussion here and then we can populate the schedule from this:

  • describe new consolidate desktop/mobile release automation
  • <s>mobile release changes
    • Android Market
  • whats left before tbpl detangled, and we can de-support tinderbox server?
  • Autoland overview/presentation
  • Autoland API
  • git for releng
  • hardware
    • Strategic planning for Talos R4 - using different hardware for different OS
    • 32bit builds on 64bit OS
    • rev4 builders
  • Brainstorming Session on config organization - we have a lot of combinations of products / platforms / builds / can we express these relationships well?
    • db-powered?
    • things like try spidermonkey/valgrind - adding modular pieces/projects to a branch and not others (pref. dynamically)
    • separate "how" from when/where
  • Getting rid of reconfigs - Dustin suggested red/green system where we spin up half the masters on a Tuesday (and gracefully shut down the others) and vice versa on Thursdays -- let's discuss this and other ideas and come up with a solution for buildbot maintenance that can be a) done by anyone (usually buildduty) and b) won't take all day.
  • Updates - what are some things we could do to work with other teams (SUMO, marketing, Army of Awesome) to get people off of older versions where possible? (Lukas would like to look into this after being inspired by Aurora Usage Growth Plan and bug 666046
  • Bringing buildbot masters up to date with upstream and tracking upstream more closely
    • sqlalchemy refactoring
    • what else differs?
  • RelEng presentations
    • "New Hire Brown bag" - corrections? How to get it shown to all newhires? (video + karen playback?)
    • "Mozilla RelEng: what we did, how we did it, and the difference it made" - shown to external companies
    • other ways to spread the word?
    • joduinn talks oracle build/release
  • Blue sky projects - things we dream of doing that may even sound crazy!?!?
    • git for mozilla developers/community?
    • integration external 3rd party products as part of release automation?
    • what dashboards do people *in* RelEng want to see?
    • what dashboards do people *outside* of RelEng want to see?
    • how much update test coverage?
    • turn buildbot into a glorified RPC
    • using something like S3/Walrus/bitcache to store files instead of scp'ing to stage
  • what happens to slaveduty tasks?
  • makefiles - non-recursive builds / container makefiles
  • how to build a community of RelEng people - RelEng networking/therapy group/cross-pollination group
  • supporting enterprise users
  • how to deploy changes that affect talos perfomance without having to land a dummy change
    • I need a changeset to blame for *every* branch that has email regression
  • what is the long term hosting solution for test masters?
  • (aki) webbuild2 presentation
  • ...what else?


We have the room from 8am - 5pm each day. Outside food & drinks are not allowed so depending on the strictness of that we may also want to factor in coffee breaks in the mid-morning/afternoon so some people can get their caffeine fix. The room will have a whiteboard for brainstorming, and additional power cords/extension cords for our use. If something really needs projecting perhaps the Toronto office can lend us a projector - the room does have a screen.

Monday July 25

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
8:00 my, my, it's early; HowTo: emergency espresso preparation
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
14:00 Mofo/moco call
15:00 Desktop+Mobile release automation Rail
16:00 Desktop+Mobile release automation Rail

Tuesday July 26

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
11:00 Presentation on Autoland Marc
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch signup
13:00 Hacking on Autoland API if you're available to help out
14:00 Platform meeting Hacking on Autoland API if you're available to help out
15:00 Post mortem 6.0b3 Hacking on Autoland API if you're available to help out
16:00 Hacking on Autoland API if you're available to help out

Wednesday July 27

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
9:00 Reviews
10:00 Reviews
11:00 Reviews
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
14:00 Planning meeting

Thursday July 28

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
9:00 AUS3 huddle Ben/Nick
11:30 - 13:00 New office (@11:30), Lunch
13:00 WebBuild2 presentation aki
14:00 makefiles joey

Friday July 29

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

Review Schedule

Day Time Who
Coop, Jhford
Joduinn, Aki
Coop, Bear
Wednesday 1pm Catlee, Lukas
Wednesday 3pm Catlee, Nick
Coop, Armen
Wednesday 4pm Catlee, Rail
Wednesday 5pm Catlee, Ben
Joduinn, Catlee
Joduinn, Coop

Not being reviewed: Joey, Marc

Group Dinners & After-hours Activities

Not set in stone, but based on the preferred nights of some team members, these are hopefully a good fit for a couple of organized group dinners (ie: where we make reservations and eat around the same table).

Monday July 25


Dinner at Tutti Matti (Italian, obv) Reservations have been made for all 13 of us at 6:30pm

Wednesday July 27


Dinner at Beer Bistro Reservations have been made for all 13 of us at 6:30pm, if you have a local SO/Friend/Family member, bring them

Thursday July 28


Thursday night we'll go to The Ballroom for some bowling and food/drinks. We're aiming to be there by 6:30pm to grab lanes and figure out the food/bowling stuff. Not sure how it works without a corp booking so we're all winging it, together. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  1. Bear
  2. Rail
  3. Armen
  4. + Veronica
  5. Lukas (poss. +1)
  6. John Ford
  7. John O'Duinn
  8. Aki
  9. Joey
  10. Coop
  11. Ben (maybe +1)
  12. Nick
  13. Catlee (maybe +1)
  14. Marc
  15. jdm
  16. Chelsea
  17. bwinton
  18. Matej
  19. anode + 1

Friday, July 29


Friday mornings at 8.30 there is a Tech Breakfast at Fran's at Yonge and College. From what I've been told, this breakfast consists of great discussion, great people, and great food. Bwinton goes and has told me that we should figure out how many people would be interested in going so they can organize tables and everything. If you are interested in attending, please mark down your name so that we can get these numbers to them asap.

  1. Marc
  2. Lukas
  3. joduinn
  4. Joey
  5. Rail
  6. catlee
  7. bhearsum
  8. coop
  9. bear
  10. armenzg
  11. jhford


at Harbord House (Fancy Friday with MoTo)