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This page lists what the release management team should do during the Nightly development cycle on Desktop.

Beginning of a new cycle

  • Update the version number on Ship-it on merge day when mozilla-central is updated with a new version number.
  • Ask releng for a push of product-details to production once we have all the locales built.
  • Copy the previous release notes template in Nucleus with the new version number. You don't have to set it as public as long as there are no note added, a 'coming soon' page will be displayed on as long as the release is created in Nucleus.

During the cycle

  • Check for bugs nominated for tracking
  • Check bugs filed with the nightly-community keyword, those are filed by our more engaged alpha-testers and are often recent regressions
  • Find owners for tracked bugs. This is important as it gives us a chance to fix new regressions and crashes before they move to channels which have more users.
  • Track bugs related to new feature development that are aimed for their release.
  • File top crashes and newly appearing crashes from crash-stats
  • Watch all commits on mozilla-central for interesting features
    • Interesting changes should be communicated to our alpha-testers via our @FirefoxNightly Twitter account
    • Interesting changes with an end-user impact to the end user should have the relnote flag set
  • Write Release Notes during the cycle based on what is nominated to be included in release notes
  • Watch reports on Twitter, IRC and other communication channels about major regressions. Ask releng for a patch to be backed out and nightlies re-spun if the end-user impact may lead to loosing alpha testers.

End of cycle

  • Check that there is no visual regression on the What's New Page caused by template changes on or gecko changes in rendering a week before merge day
  • Ask the Bugzilla team to create status and tracking flags for the next version, ex: Bug 1444839


  • We do not maintain release notes for Firefox Nightly on Android
  • There is no what's new page for Android

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