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tracking bug: bug 767943
buildbot master: 13

Build 1

  • reserved slaves
   [cltbld@buildbot-master13 master]$ cat reserved_slaves
   [cltbld@buildbot-master13 master]$ echo 8 >reserved_slaves
   [cltbld@buildbot-master13 master]$ cat reserved_slaves
  • clobbered m-b
  • generated l10n changesets (some confusion on my part, resolved & docs updated)
  • no need to lock slaves, still locked
    • mw32-ix-slave02 needed rebooting to connect (aki|buildduty did)
  • double landed config changes (see bug 767943)
  • tagged on bm13 & started both fennec & firefox (forgot to save output)
    • release sanity passed fine, so all parameters supplied match commit checkin.
    • Did set myself as user, as shown by change source in buildbot.
  • signed FN builds (updated docs on when it's okay to do this step)
    • used the documented command for FN (after the fact copy/paste):
 cd ~/signing-work/mozharness
 hg pull -u && hg up -C
 python2.6 ~/signing-work/mozharness/scripts/ --config-file signing/ --platform android
  • reset slaves (shell history):
 995  cd /builds/buildbot/build1/master/
 996  cat reserved_slaves 
 997  >reserved_slaves
 998  cat reserved_slaves
  • pushed fennec snips
    • confusion on version # due to this window of interwoven GA & beta releases using same version. Script docs updated.
   $ ssh buildbot-master13
   Last login: Wed Jul 11 11:33:58 2012 from
   [cltbld@buildbot-master13 ~]$ ssh -l ffxbld -i .ssh/ffxbld_dsa
   Last login: Tue Jul 10 11:41:48 2012 from
   -bash-4.1$ curl -O
   -bash-4.1$ head 
   # VERSION & BUILDNUM are the "version" and "buildNumber" from the
   # release's cofiguration file
   export VERSION=14.0b12
   export BUILDNUM=1
   export RD=/home/ftp/pub/
   export CD=/home/ftp/pub/
   export PLATFORMS="android"
   set -x
   -bash-4.1$ ./ 

303 lines skipped
   sent 16359573 bytes  received 34 bytes  2974474.00 bytes/sec
   total size is 16357441  speedup is 1.00
   -bash-4.1$ echo $?
   -bash-4.1$ exit
   Connection to closed.
  • published fennec on google play
   # download both multi apks. These have the same name so save them to separate directories.
   #    (e.g. android/multi/
   curl -O
   # visit
   # choose "Firefox Beta" 
   # select the "APK Files" tab and choose "Upload APK"
   #    choose the android multi apk that you downloaded and hit "upload"
   #    when it finishes uploading, verify VersionCode is the build date (almost anyway, the market reports an hour later than our buildID)
   #    hit "Save" 
   # activate new android apk (You should see an Error message since both apk's are active)
   # deactivate old android apk (You should not see the Error message anymore). 
   # hit "Save"
    • replied to "please publish" emails