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Build 1

Ship the l10n milestone

I got a zeus "Service unavailable" page the first time I tried to do this. I went through everything again and it worked fine (albeit slowly).

  • Clicked "ship" for Firefox
  • Downloaded l10n changesets
  • Clicked "ship it"
  • Clicked "ship" for Fennec
  • Clicked "add"
  • Filled out form:
    • repo: releases/mozilla-beta
    • branch: default
    • path: mobile/android/locales/maemo-locales
  • Clicked "Generate it"
  • Downloaded l10n changesets
  • Clicked "Ship it"

Set the reserved slaves

# cltbld@bm13
cd /builds/buildbot/build1
echo 10 > master/reserved_slaves

Check to make sure you have all of the different types of slaves that you need

  • Locked mw32-ix-slave02 through 07 to bm13
  • Rebooted the idle ones

Start the automation

cd /pub/$product/nightly/
mkdir ../candidates/$version-candidates
ln -s ../candidates/$version-candidates $version-candidates
  • Double landed configs:
  • Tagged configs, custom, tools
  • Updated+reconfiged bm13
  • Ran release_sanity:
. bin/activate
cd master
PYTHONPATH=. python ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u aki \
    -V 15.0b2 --branch mozilla-beta --build-number 1 \
    --release-config \
    --release-config --products firefox,fennec  \
    --dryrun localhost:9001
  • That failed on configs; it was checking 15_0b1.
  • Landed config fixes:
  • retagged configs
  • release sanity worked
  • reran without --dryrun

Sign android builds

cd ~/signing-work/mozharness
hg pull -u && hg up -C
cd ..
python2.6 mozharness/scripts/ --config-file signing/ --platform android

Reset reserved_slaves and unlock slaves


Redo checksums files

Landed the fix in bug 777230 and moved the FIREFOX_15_0b2_{RELEASE,BUILD1} tags up to that. Forced the two checksums builds (no properties needed). Both green.

Redid the push to mirrors

# any old slave
ssh -l ffxbld -i ~/.ssh/ffxbld_dsa rsync -av --exclude=*tests* --exclude=*crashreporter* --exclude=*.log --exclude=*.txt --exclude=*unsigned* --exclude=*update-backup* --exclude=*partner-repacks* --exclude=*.checksums --exclude=*.checksums.asc --exclude=logs --exclude=jsshell* --exclude=*.zip --exclude=*.zip.asc /pub/ /pub/

Publish Fennec

  • Bumped the version & build number in to 15.0b2 build2. Ran the following as ffxbld@upload1:
curl -O
  • Downloaded [1] Fennec multilocale APK to my laptop.
  • Went to
  • Clicked on "Firefox Beta"
  • Clicked on "APK Files"
  • Clicked on "Upload APK"
  • Uploaded the 15.0b2 multilocale APK.
  • Clicked "Save"
  • Activated the new APK
  • Decativated the old APK
  • Clicked "Save"

Watched until the "last updated" date changed.

Run pushsnip


cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-15.0b2-build1

Bugs hit

  • bug 777230 - tools clobbers can clobber the signing token