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Firefox 3.6.3 plugin 1 (lorentz branch)

Description of Release

This is the first lorentz release backported onto the 1.9.2 branch, 3.6.3 in this case. It will only contain changes made in order for 3.6.3 to have out of process plugins.

Specific Plan 3.6.3 plugin 1

OOPP will be enabled for this release, only for Flash, Quicktime, and Silverlight Plugins. All other plugins are not supported. We will verify the handful of bugs for OOPP, run smoketests, the recently-added plugin tests for OOPP in Litmus, as well as a sections of the BFT.

  • To verify, check dom.ipc.plugins.enabled = false.

Plugin versions to test

Please add [Fx3.6.3pluginX] , (where "X" is the number of the build), to the whiteboard for bugs found in this release.


We will run through basic spot-checks, Litmus smoketests, across platforms as soon as builds are available.

  • Code Freeze: 4/1(?)
  • Builds Start: 4/5
  • QA (Smoketests, OOPP Focus Testing, BFTs (portions)): 4/5 - 4/7 - 3 to 5 people
  • Signoff: 4/7 EOD (tentative)


  • Smoketests: Half a day - 1 to 3 people
  • BFTs: Portions of the BFT
  • Automation: We need to fire off mozmill
  • Localization: n/a. focus on en-US only
  • Updates: No updates generated for this release.


builds Location:


Test Results (build2)

  • Smoketests: Pass
  • BFTs and Focused Testing: Pass
  • Updates: No updates will be generated for this release
  • Sign-off Summary:
    • We experienced oopsie [oopp] crashes that triggered the crashed-plugin UI while playing in Crashes on this site are common in 3.6.3, for instance, so it's not new or exclusive to OOPP 3.6.3plugin1 (see bug 557609).
    • I have not been able to reproduce the alleged Quicktime plugin crash that in at least one occasion brought the whole browser down. There are two crash reports that may have been generated as a result of this here and here, and which point to four fixed bugs targeting crashes @KiFastSystemCallRet.
    • For your consideration:
      • Neither of these is new to OOPP. The latter one we haven't been able to reproduce, but in at least a couple of times it brought the whole browser down and it may have not been related to QuickTime.
      • The problem doesn't seem to happen more frequently with OOPP. Crash reporter shows it is one of the up and coming sites where people crash in 3.6.3.
      • The problem where QT may have been involved did bring the whole browser down, and not just the process on which QT or Flash were running.

Test Results (build1) stopped

Focus Areas

This build should be everything Fx3.6.2 + OOPP fixes landed. Only Flash, Quicktime, and Silverlight will be enabled for this build. Only on Windows and Linux. Everything else should be disabled.

  • Verify bugs in this release pushlog
  • note: mac has no OOPP configured. Verify mac builds still work as expected and pref'd off.
  • Mac: some lightweight themes can now extend image into title bar.
  •'s UA detection is broken for this build. need to set your UA to Minefield/3.6.3plugin1 to get it to work.
  • - Silverlight 1.1, 2, 3 samples.
  • - A good example of heave Flash use.
  • has quite a bit of information about the about:config preference, etc
  • Logging information:
  • Exploratory Testing:
    • End to end crashed-plugin UI
      • Flash 10.x and 10.1rc, Silverlight 3/4, Quicktime 7.6
    • Crashed-plugin UI elements and their properties
    • Quicktime 7.6 testing on Windows (any other version)
    • Bing toolbar (uses Silverlight)
    • Any other popular toolbars
    • Flashblock or a couple of popular extensions
    • One P1 locale (de, fr, pt-br, it... for example)
    • Popular sites compatibility
    • Top sites automated testing (Tomcat)
  • Performance Testing:
    • Plugin Testing (Quicktime, Flash and Silerlight) in full screen mode
    • Plugin Testing - HD where appropriate or varying the resolution
    • Visual comparison with other browsers in cases where a performance lag is seen