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4.0 beta 4 Test Plan

Attention: Localizers

If you are a localizer and would like to help, please help us out by going through the functionality listed below using your localized build. Annotate your results in the following spreadsheet.

Results Spreadsheet

Track your results HERE.

L10n UI Focus Areas for Localizers

The following features in Firefox 4.0 beta 4 will be the user interface features needing the most testing by your team:

  • Add-Ons Manager
    • Description: Firefox 4 developers aim to implement a way for addons to integrate into Firefox UI in a way that plays nicely with themes, allows maximum customizability, and eases implementation for addon developers.
    • To view the new Add-Ons Manager, type "about:addons" in the URL bar. Here you will see the new UI for the add-ons manager. There are several items to look at here:
      • Translations and dialogues size for the side panel items
        • Get Add-ons
        • Languages
        • Extensions
        • Themes
        • Plugins
  • Switch to Tab
    • [ Description: When an awesomebar result matches the URL of an already open tab, it should indicate that and allow the user to switch to that tab instead of duplicating it.
    • To test this
        1. Open up several tabs in your Firefox 4 beta
        2. Copy a URL for one of your open tabs
        3. Open a new tab and paste the URL
        4. Awesome Bar will show a "Switch to Tab" (yours will be translated) UI in the results
        5. Check for any dialogue size issues or other localization bugs
    • The development team created a test plan for their UI that you can review. Note, this test plan tests functionality, not localization.
  • Tabs on Top
    • Description and Mockups - In Firefox 4, tabs are given top visual priority for more efficient and intuitive browsing.
      • To view the "Tabs on Top" feature, go to the menu item View > Customize > "Tabs on Top"
      • Ensure the menu items are properly translated, functional, and viewable
      • Review the tabs UI and compare it to mockups above, noting any major differences that might occur in the localization
  • Firefox button (re-uses many strings from Firefox Menu Bar)
    • Description: In Firefox 4 for Windows Vista and Windows 7, all menu items are in a single button for easy access and reduced clutter.
    • On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click on the new Firefox Button to see the redesign of all menu items.
    • Click through on all menu items to see any localization errors, noting especially any dialogue size problems
    • A very spartan project description created by the dev team is here
  • Feedback button/Test Pilot
    • Description: Beta builds will ship with Test Pilot and a Feedback button integrated into the build, which will allow us to get feedback from beta users.
      • Click on the Feedback button, and submit any feedback.
      • Try all other functionality within the Feedback button and make sure it is localized.
      • Pay close attention to button and menu item descriptions fitting the space.
      • (website) Example: - Is it localized for your locale? Try out its functionality.

L10n Spot Checks (Mozilla QA)

We will spot check one tier 1 locales per platform. Please check with QA lead or l10n driver should there be new locales in this release.

If you file a bug, please add "[4b4]" without the quotes on the Whiteboard field so we can query the bugs filed during this testing cycle.

Windows 7 (juanb, gmontagu)

  • es-AR - gmontagu: PASS
    • Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:2.0b4) Gecko/20100818 Firefox/4.0b4
    • Notes: The localization issues I found in beta 3 are fixed. No functionality issues.
  • ja - juanb: in progress
    • Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:2.0b4) Gecko/20100818 Firefox/4.0b4
    • Notes: Some Firefox Sync strings still need to be translated, but functionality-wise, I found no issues.

Windows XP (juanb)

  • locale: pt-BR
    • Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:2.0b4) Gecko/20100818 Firefox/4.0b4
    • Notes: No issues found.

Mac (tester)

  • he: Pass
    • Notes: Tested for comparison with Windows builds. In general Hebrew builds on Mac and Linux look in much better shape than on Windows, but there are still a few things that need addressing, a lot of small things. For example, when you launch Fx on Mac you eventually get the Feedback notification notice, on the left side, but it doesn't seem consistent.

Linux (juanb)

  • pl: Pass
    • Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:2.0b4) Gecko/20100818 Firefox/4.0b4
    • Notes: No issues noted.

RTL and IME (juanb)

  • he - Fail
    • Build ID: he on Windows 7
    • Notes: We tried using Hebrew builds on Windows and it's not usable. Other RTL builds suffer the same problems. These problems are mostly on Windows. Linux and Mac look ok.

Issues Found

  • RTL builds have problems. "he" is a beta locale we ship, and it is difficult to use on Windows 7. It will not be advertised in the all-beta page for Windows when Fx4b4 is released.