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Bugs hit

  • bug 794333 - Updates builder doesn't handle push race in tools repo
  • bug 794335 - Can't run pushsnip for Thunderbird because of permissions on snippets/pushed/


  • Tracking bug: bug 786223
  • Release Engineer: nthomas
  • Buildbot master: buildbot-master30

Build 1

Starting the automation

  • l10n changesets file:
  • set reserved slaves to 6 (# of l10n repacks, update verify is only 4 now)
  • set clobberer for release-comm-beta
  • landed configs, tagged buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, tools with THUNDEBIRD_16_0b3_{RELEASE,BUILD1}
  • updated and reconfiged bm30
  • release sanity
PYTHONPATH=. python ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u nthomas \
     -V 16.0b3 --build-number 1 --branch comm-beta \
     --release-config --product thunderbird \
     --dryrun localhost:9001
  • started the automation


Failed to push configs back, filed bug 794333 and used rebuild on the builder

Failed to run pushnip, filed bug 794335. After the chmod to fix that this manual fix up

# cltbld@mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave21
cd /builds/slave/tb-rel-c-beta-updates/build
python /builds/slave/tb-rel-c-beta-updates/tools/buildfarm/utils/ -s 1 -r 5 -t 7260 \
  ssh -t -l tbirdbld '-oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/auspush' \
  '~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-16.0b3-build1-test'

cd /builds/slave/tb-rel-c-beta-updates/
python /builds/slave/tb-rel-c-beta-updates/tools/buildfarm/utils/ -s 1 -r 5 -t 1260 \
  rsync -av -e 'ssh -oIdentityFile=~/.ssh/auspush' \
bash /builds/slave/tb-rel-c-beta-updates/tools/release/ \
  aus2 beta aus2.test releasetest

Then forced update verify builders (from local machine)

for p in linux linux64 macosx64 win32; do
  for i in 1 2 3 4; do
    curl "${p}_update_verify_${i}%2F4/force" > /dev/null
    sleep 5

Manual email announcing updates available, forced release-comm-beta-start_uptake_monitoring builder.

Reset reserved slaves

echo "0" > /builds/buildbot/build1/master/reserved_slaves


~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-16.0b3-build1