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Bugs hit


  • Tracking bug: bug 794049
  • Release Engineer: armenzg
  • Buildbot master: buildbot-master30

Build 1

Starting the automation

  • l10n changesets file:
  • set reserved slaves to 6 (# of l10n repacks, update verify is only 4 now)
  • set clobberer for release-comm-beta
  • landed configs, tagged buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, tools with THUNDERBIRD_16_0b4_{RELEASE,BUILD1}
  • updated and reconfiged bm30
  • release sanity
cd /builds/buildbot/build1/master
source ../bin/activate
PYTHONPATH=. python ../tools/buildbot-helpers/ -u armenzg \
     -V 16.0b4 --build-number 1 --branch comm-beta \
     --release-config --product thunderbird \
     --dryrun localhost:9001
  • started the automation

Pushing to beta - Run pushsnip

Armens-MacBook-Air:~ armenzg$ ssh aus3-staging
Last login: Wed Jul 18 14:04:24 2012 from
[armenzg@dp-ausstage01 ~]$ sudo su - tbirdbld
[tbirdbld@dp-ausstage01 ~]$ cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
[tbirdbld@dp-ausstage01 staging]$ ~/bin/pushsnip Thunderbird-16.0b4-build1/