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Post Mortem for the Thunderbird release of 3.0.1

Use extension 4401.

  • We're looking for:
    • How well did new processes introduced go?
    • Any problem/pain points?
    • Can we reduce time spent or speed up processes?

Leading up to the release (patch landing, code freeze etc)

  • A lot went into 3.0.1 and due to Christmas, some of it was late landing and missed code freeze. However longer beta period compensates for that.
  • Some build-only stuff landed. Hard to verify.
  • Some good fixes for 2.0 upgrades.


  • Build automation worked well.
  • l10n is a bit brittle.
    • Now have script to check locales are all generated & re-fired as necessary.
  • Problems with USB over Ethernet for signing. Now fixed. Signing should be much easier.
  • Buildbot hangs on reload of configuration (gozer going to talk to John).


  • Useful to have builds first thing in the morning.
  • Quality very smooth, no major issue.
  • Smoketest only on Windows & Mac.
    • Mozmill moving forward.


Website (Release Notes, What's New, L10n issues etc)

  • Generation for diffs to thunderbirdDetails.class.php should be a standalone script, possibly also integrated and run as part of buildbot release process.

Actual Release (Pushing out, updates, etc)

Anything else

  • Filed bug 540394 as a tracker for improving our processes.