Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-08-05

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Meeting Details

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Release duty

  • last week: nthomas
  • this week: hwine

Firefox/Fennec 32.0b2 (nthomas)

  • Fennec out of space in armv7 build, bump in bug 1045248

Firefox 32.0b3 (nthomas)

  • bouncer_submitter problems, bug 1047190. IT removed dodgy seamicro hosts for bouncer

Firefox/Fennec 32.0b4 (nthomas/bhearsum)

  • linux32 si locale repack failed - bug 1038478, didn't get all revisions from hg. Used standalone_repack, then forced repack_complete builder once the other 9 were also done
  • win32 nn-NO also hit this bug, ran standalone_repack an repack_complete
  • updates builder failed in mock install, fallout from another change. Backed out and rebuilt OK

action items


  • Google Play API bug 1045531
  • Fix slave space issue more systematically?
  • Pull l10n repacks by revision rather than by tag?
  • lag starting EC2 instances for releases?
  • (bhearsum) balrog beta