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Meeting Details

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Release duty

  • last week: hwine
  • this week: bhearsum

Firefox 32.0b5 (pmoore/hwine)

See Releases/Firefox_32.0b5/BuildNotes

Firefox 32.0b6 (bhearsum/nthomas)

See Releases/Firefox_32.0b6/BuildNotes

action items


  • (hwine) whither BuildNotes - seems we're sometimes missing, sometimes only on postmortem page, sometime in separate page. /me gets confused. How about:
    • Always separate page for GA & beta 1 releases
    • Minor issues, put in upcoming post mortem page (only)
    • Major issues, put in separate page and link (only) in post mortem page
  • (hwine) clarification needed: for beta releases, do we require relman to push snippets?
    • I thought "no longer", but docs say otherwise
    • we haven't had relman signoff since 32.0b1

[hwine: I didn't know how many round table items were finished, so left all below]

  • Google Play API bug 1045531
  • Fix slave space issue more systematically?
  • Pull l10n repacks by revision rather than by tag?
  • lag starting EC2 instances for releases?
  • (bhearsum) balrog beta