Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-08-26

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Meeting Details

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Release duty

  • last week: rail
  • this week: RELEASE WEEK

Firefox 32.0b9 (team effort)

Major props to Nick & Massimo for overnight diagnosis & fixes. Thanks to Coop for help with windows issues.

See build notes

Firefox 32.0 (nthomas)

Firefox 31.1.0esr (rail)

  • bug 1057549 - series of local hg update -C timeouts on win32 builders during release builds

action items


  • (hwine) When to fire Balrog forced build? Docs suggest at same time as push snip, should it be then or after updates signed off?
  • (hwine) How to identify "no change periods" prior to release week?
  • (bhearsum) Linux update verify takes even longer than QA's update tests - is now in the critical path of some releases
  • (bhearsum) Submitting files to Apple